Example sentences of "[pron] [verb] [pron] at [art] [adj] " in BNC.

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1 What 's probably happening is that you are trying to tell them you are annoyed but also saying you still want them to like you at the same time .
2 I met him at the Labour Club .
3 I met them at the same time , ’ Tim recalls .
4 I reproach myself at the same time .
5 In a short while , limping and protesting , I found myself at the local prison , pushed into a filthy stinking room with some two dozen other malefactors .
6 I was convinced that the law would back us , so I found someone at a local law centre and she confirmed it , so we went back .
7 ‘ Oh — have I caught you at a bad time , dear ? ’
8 One this girl traced my hand and I traced hers at the same time — I went very slowly , which triggered her ticklishness , and she laughed every time my pencil made it to the place between two of her fingers , but she was brave , she stayed put .
9 So that 's se and I want you at the other end .
10 I told you at the fair — it 's out of your hands .
11 Ludo and I hear it at the same moment .
12 on a , on how I find you at a particular time .
13 Just beyond Fort Augustus a trace of their road may still be found ; now impassable , it must have been a fearful route : the climb up to any height of it is ferociously demanding — or else I hit it at the wrong spot .
14 All we we 've agreed that we 're going to need someone to control it at the next fair .
15 I saw him at the odd university reunion .
16 I saw him at the very moment in his life when he earned the name Elethandian gave him : the boy who listens to the voice of the oak .
17 I 'd heard that American Music Club were something wonderful , but when I saw them at the Grand in Clapham recently , I was n't that impressed .
18 ’ Actually I saw you at the Central Conference last month . ’
19 I heaved him at the other two and they went down , firing wild into the air .
20 It gives me special pleasure to be present at the wedding of my good friends Annabelle and Steven , because I introduced them at the Dashing Disco/Royal Hotel/Country Club and because I have known both of them for many years at school/the tennis club .
21 ‘ I started a similar scheme in Wellington , but then I did it at the same hour on the same day every week .
22 Where a member of a board is not re-elected to the authority which appointed him at an ordinary election , he remains a board member until the first meeting of the authority after the election .
23 My best friends , Ada , Nora and Nives , all had bicycles , which put me at a serious disadvantage .
24 Mr Chairman , in his er , video to us , er drew attention to the , both the external and internal challenges which face us at the present time .
25 Again , beautifully rounded characters which established themselves at a leisurely pace are the secret of its appeal .
26 Most Asian and Afro-Caribbean men and women were drawn into low-paid occupations which placed them at the lower rather than the upper limits of these widening inequalities .
27 Phyl would have stayed in show business without the help of Littler but she was fortunate in that she met him at the right time , when he was building up his pantomime empire .
28 If you saw someone you knew and you shouted out to them , you were in dead trouble , even if you shouted hello , or if you asked someone at the next table for a cigarette .
29 She caught it at the public baths , ’ said his mum , with another one of her sniggers .
30 ‘ I know you and Niall did n't exactly get off to a good start , but if it 's any consolation you caught him at a bad time .
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