Example sentences of "[pron] [verb] [pron] [prep] the same " in BNC.

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1 What 's probably happening is that you are trying to tell them you are annoyed but also saying you still want them to like you at the same time .
2 I met them at the same time , ’ Tim recalls .
3 I sold them for the same price that I had paid myself .
4 I reproach myself at the same time .
5 One this girl traced my hand and I traced hers at the same time — I went very slowly , which triggered her ticklishness , and she laughed every time my pencil made it to the place between two of her fingers , but she was brave , she stayed put .
6 If there are criticisms then I accept them with the same magnanimity which Martin claims I do not possess .
7 Ludo and I hear it at the same moment .
8 If I contacted him on the same number that I contacted you
9 If I set it to the same frequency as the only Mark I Super C64 in existence , I might just be able to contact an old friend of ours . ’
10 Notice what Jesus says in verse seven , he says , I tell you in the same way there 'll be more joy in heaven over one sinner who repents , than over ninety nine righteous persons who need no repentance .
11 I tell you in the same way , there will be joy in heaven over one sinner that repents .
12 If I 'm allowed to have food , why ca n't I have it in the same cell as Elaine ? ’
13 I felt something of the same awe and excitement I had experienced four years before when tramping round and round Warwick Gardens with Chesterton , debating the execution of Charles I. Here was someone who ought to have been a member of the Society that G. K. C. had dominated at St. Paul 's from 1891 to 1893 .
14 I taunted him with the same lie Ursula used .
15 ‘ I started a similar scheme in Wellington , but then I did it at the same hour on the same day every week .
16 They do not even have to be alike at all beyond some minimum range of conditions which puts them into the same political category .
17 That 's that 's the way we do fractions that 's the way you do adding up fractions or taking away fractions you change them to the same .
18 Why could n't she treat him with the same cool indifference as he showed her ?
19 ‘ Have you booked us into the same hotel , Drew ?
20 If you want two matches to be satisfied simultaneously you put them on the same row in the criteria range .
21 ‘ I heard that , ’ she told him in the same language .
22 Now she wears nothing but the same thing , and always .
23 Helping an elderly parent through her sorrow can be a long , hard haul , but very rewarding in the end — not only in terms of her recovery , but also because , if you find yourself in the same position in later years , you will look back on this experience you shared with her and find that it has left you with a far deeper understanding of grief , and a greater confidence in the healing power of time to see you through your own period of adjustment to loss .
24 She regards me with the same bright smile as her child 's , but tears are rolling down her face and her eyes say , ‘ I 'm losing her . ’
25 For though you and your ancestors got your property by murder and theft , and you keep it by the same power from us that have an equal right to the land with you by the righteous law of creation , yet we shall have no occasion of quarrelling …
26 Ah , did you press them at the same time ?
27 She saw them at the same moment and hesitated , then she turned and began walking back the way she had come .
28 To her , religion was morality and appearance , and she kept it in the same compartment of her mind as her dinner napkins .
29 So these channels sh show significant although not er sig al although not extensive sequence homology with the nicotinic acetylcholine receptor which enables you to place them in the same class of being er a ligand er binding channel .
30 He walked past a few minutes ago and said that 's the third letter you 've written today why do n't you put them in the same envelope and save postage ?
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