Example sentences of "[pron] [noun] at the same [noun sg] " in BNC.

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1 Disillusion me and get my sympathy at the same time .
2 How many responsibilities of a disparate nature did I have to hold in my mind at the same time ?
3 I know it sounds stupid , but I was trying to do all my sessions at the same speed I was used to at home .
4 This being that you cut off my head at the same time . ’
5 1869 ] and finish my doctorate at the same time . "
6 This is a game I invented to allow me to get some exercise and amuse my children at the same time .
7 ‘ If we discover the SDLP and Alliance Party requested their meetings at the same time or later , there will be one major political row , ’ he said .
8 In January 1983 , the water content of reservoirs in South Africa had fallen to 50 per cent of its level at the same time last year , and the 1982 maize crop was 40 per cent lower than the record of 40 million tonnes harvested in 1981 .
9 Like the NL this too was a secret society and had its headquarters at the same address in licensed premises in Lamb 's Conduit Street , London .
10 Sure enough , they dropped their sticks at the same moment and ran across to the downriver side of the bridge to watch for the winner .
11 He managed to convey some contempt for the TAS and its operations at the same time .
12 When the indicator board clacked out the information BAGGAGE IN HALL against their flight , a circle of bell-ringers in my stomach all heaved on their ropes at the same time , and the terrible clangour they set off in my skull could only be stilled by a couple of stiff ones at the bar .
13 Or perhaps the New Horizons people would prefer you to buy WinMail , which Software Partners also have on their lists at the same price — we 'll perhaps look at that another time .
14 Like Hornblower , whose temperament was delighting readers with its contradictions at the same time as that of the Quinn adventures , Septimus has adopted certain measures of what could be called self-defence .
15 It is unlikely a team will get all the details of its programme at the same time as the call to the work .
16 The Society for the Propagation of Christian Knowledge asked him to report on the work of its schools at the same time .
17 The Society for the Propagation of Christian Knowledge asked him to report on the work of its schools at the same time .
18 Now the public may enjoy its stately grandeur and the magnificent flowering trees of its parkland at the same time , perhaps , pondering upon the enterprise and ethics with which the magnificent property was founded .
19 Nicandra shrank away — she was not at all courageous about horses , especially when they were fidgeting threateningly and blowing out through their noses at the same time .
20 She straightened , holding the small of her back and her bulge at the same time .
21 Instead , the revamp has brought glassy-eyed , barely post-pubescent new presenters , who can grin , nod and say their lines at the same time .
22 One woman found that when different family members were all demanding different things and her attention at the same time , ‘ something blows ’ .
23 Almost violently , she raised her body , ducking her head at the same time , her feverish lips seeking the scorching lure of his again , the demand for his kiss born out of an intuitive need to let him silence her , so that he might not hear the words and other sounds which would tell him just how complete his dominion of her senses already was .
24 and she was having her drink at the same time
25 This catfish exhibits an usual form of ‘ parental care ’ , not dissimilar to that of the cuckoo — which is infamous for laying its eggs in the nests of other birds and leaving them to be hatched and raised by the involuntary ‘ foster-parents ’ In the case of Synodontis multipunctatus , it swims in and out among mouth-brooding cichlids which are in the throes of spawning and releases its eggs at the same time as the cichlid , whose eggs it often devours .
26 Gozitan legend says that a giantess built the temples single-handed , suckling her baby at the same time .
27 She tried to pray for her father at the same time , but Madeleine danced across her invocation , Madeleine provocative in yellow piqué and high-heeled sandals disrupted her holy words .
28 Students will already know that there are jobs in work areas such as Electronics and Physiotherapy where the subject requirements are quite specific and those who decide to enrol for one of these courses will have effectively chosen their career at the same time .
29 Finally , I hope that the hon. Gentleman will remind his colleagues in the shadow Cabinet , including the shadow Chancellor , that they should not advocate major road projects in their constituencies at the same time as the Labour party seeks to impede progress elsewhere in the country .
30 She leaned forward , her hair falling across her face , and as he lifted his head she brought her lips down on his , parting them with her tongue at the same moment as she felt his hands unzipping her jeans .
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