Example sentences of "[adj] it is [adv] [vb pp] that " in BNC.

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1 Because of this it is often assumed that cleaning staff are familiar with the basics especially when women are employed .
2 2.1 It is widely recognised that English law is defective in failing to provide satisfactory machinery for the imposition on freehold land of positive obligations ( such as obligations to repair and to contribute to communal maintenance costs ) which can then be enforced against successors in title to the original owner of the land .
3 After all it is well known that every type of electromagnetic effect is carried by photons , and we have seen that photons can not escape from within a black hole .
4 3 Of course New Yorks is not the capital of the USA. 4 It is well known that Maths is harder than English .
5 14 It is also suggested that documents are lodged in public libraries .
6 Between the ages of 5 and 14 it is clearly recognised that the teacher is one of the most significant adults in a pupil 's life .
7 In particular , with the imposition of liberal democratic institutions after 1947 it is widely felt that ‘ the Japanese have elected to forego the assertion of the right to the expression of untrammelled personal freedom in the .
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