Example sentences of "[adj] [noun sg] of [noun] over the " in BNC.

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1 But acceptance of this argument involves acceptance of the superiority of the higher , impersonal level of truth over the lower personal level of truth and the acknowledgment of two levels of knowledge .
2 It is important that the purpose of this criticism should not be misunderstood ; the theoretical and experimental contributions that the Aplysia group have made to the cellular study of memory over the past two decades have been substantial , but the very intellectual certainty of the group and the charisma of its leader have tended to suppress some of its problems and sideline those who have articulated them .
3 If I had developed some measure of showmanship over the years , I felt it was not much use to me or anyone else while I sat in my office and let junior producers have all the fun .
4 While all disciplines have disputes over what constitutes worthwhile and well-founded knowledge , what holds each together is some measure of agreement over the boundaries in which such disagreements arise .
5 A court must be able to exercise some measure of control over the cases which are brought before it , to prevent injustice to either party and to ensure that the various issues can be fully and effectively dealt with .
6 Fourth , the holder of a floating charge will have some measure of control over the company even without taking any steps to enforce it .
7 During the autumn and winter keep the compost from drying out completely , which means providing some kind of protection over the plant .
8 Virginia found herself desperately hoping Guy would be back at Armscott Manor , because suddenly she was possessed with a burning need to talk to him , build some kind of bridge over the chasm she 'd caused with her accusation over Farthingdales .
9 Somehow if I could only know what he was doing and who he was seeing , that gave me some kind of control over the situation .
10 This gave a k value of 0.72 , which shows a very high level of agreement over the six categories .
11 Armed with some or , very rarely , all of the above resources , presidents may achieve some degree of mastery over the American political system .
12 In addition to imitation , there are a number of other procedures designed to give the teacher or therapist some degree of control over the child 's language production .
13 The government had been thinking about ways for the administration to maintain some degree of control over the colonies since the mid-1650s ; in 1675 Charles set up the first organization to establish any record of continuity , a sign that his possessions overseas were settling down into some sort of discernible order .
14 To hypothesize , it was as if the king of France held the earldom of Cornwall or Lancaster from the king of England , who could therefore exert some degree of control over the foreign policy and behaviour of the king of France .
15 This explains why the Commission wishes to exercise some degree of control over the freedom to subsidise .
16 The Home Secretary performs the following functions in relation to all police forces : ( a ) Some degree of control over the appointment and dismissal of senior officers .
17 They might see it as better to take-over their main supplier , even if it means that company losing some existing orders from competing manufacturers of food products ; * buyers may deliberately seek international suppliers , so as to maintain their choice and retain some degree of control over the prices and terms of supply .
18 This has the advantage of establishing a high degree of control over the target utterance and , if the child is co-operating , it is possible to make a direct comparison between the utterance the child was attempting to produce and what the child actually said .
19 This diffuseness was paralleled by a marked degree of confusion over the appropriate research methods to use in empirical studies .
20 Hope you managed to get some sort of break over the weekend and that you 're not too behind on schedule — it 'll probably pick up later on in the shoot !
21 planning applications , erm the sort of locational aspects are important , the the existing policy in the structure plan did have some sort of control over the the number of jobs , but it 's as as David Potter has said , it 's been very difficult to monitor er the level of jobs being provided , and in practice it 's been really impossible to implement that aspect of of the policy .
22 Similarly , there has been some relaxation of restrictions over the formation of mixed and inter-professional practices .
23 I 'm at the moment chairing a university working party on sexual harassment erm and what this working party erm intends to do is to try to survey experience gathered from the operation of codes and the appointment of people in college with a special responsibility for this sort of thing over the past few years , to see what we can learn from experience , so I 'd want to reserve judgement at the moment on what this committee might recommend is the best way forwards .
24 Drew another sort of curtain over the air ,
25 As a rounded account of the rise of Saddam it has one serious failing in that it pays far too little attention to the economic and social development of Iraq over the past 20 years .
26 Although the shareholders no longer exercised the direct control of principals over the directors as their agents , the model nevertheless asserts that any danger that the directors might use their considerable discretionary powers to manage the business in their own interest is precluded .
27 The slightest hint of trouble over the weekend brought a massive response from fleets of police cars .
28 Oil is the most versatile , flexible and valuable of the primary fuels and part of the process of improved use of energy over the past decade has been for users to switch to other fuels to generate heat , thus saving oil for the transportation and speciality uses for which there are no cost effective substitutes .
29 This may be expressed either as a single year figure or as some form of average over the life of the project .
30 Each judge will submit a completed list of nominations over the next couple of weeks and the eventual winners will be presented with their awards at a special ceremony early in the new year .
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