Example sentences of "[adj] [conj] [pron] [verb] [pron] the " in BNC.

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2 Tom could see this so he gave me the key to his hotel room and told me to have a shower and put on some of his clothes .
3 ‘ She would n't tell me , but was very insistent that I call her the minute you got in . ’
4 Good grief it must cost them a fortune to erm you know , pay for all these then , so they give you the Walkman to , while you 're doing this and they give you the batteries , tt
5 ‘ He was very candid and he gave me the benefit of his thinking about a lot of things , ’ Clinton told reporters after leaving the White House .
6 The elements of the curriculum considered essential by LEAs were varied and some were reluctant to make any statement on this because they felt it the job of schools .
7 She can do this because she understands what the enquirer is saying .
8 For transport she used the farmer 's pony and trap : the pony was so decrepit that we called it the dead pony .
9 The results are uneven and one wonders what the result would have been if Mr Smith had examined all the companies covered by the original report for a longer period .
10 He came in with the ideas , give the drivers and conductors everything they asked for whereby my training had always been to only give them what they were really entitled to , not give them anything extra but he gave them the earth and that erm did n't sort of go very well for the new Manager who came in , he had a lot of undoing to do there , that this fella had given away , in his six or seven weeks there .
11 I understand just as much as you do what the dangers are .
12 How would you , if you had to do that if you do it the easy way , do n't do it the hard way , how would you do that ?
13 If it 's s something like that and they tell me the amount of furniture and if two thirds of the van will be filled with big stuff , and then they tell me there 'll be half a dozen boxes , I assume there 'll be at least four times that number of boxes , and if it 's still going to go on , we 'll do it .
14 Ackroyd knew immediately where he meant and his blood ran cold as he knew what the foreman was going to say next .
15 Were n't you , you were really quite horrified when you saw what the excavator
16 We have to make sure that we know what the customer wants ; they know what we can do for them , at what cost ; where ; when ; how and
17 When planting new trees in your garden , make sure that you know what the mature heights are likely to be .
18 That 's right trying to find work these days can be demanding and extremely frustrating so you want to make sure that you give yourself the best chance of getting a job and one way to help is to do a good application form and know how to handle yourself in an interview .
19 And make sure that you give it the way they want .
20 I am not precisely sure that I know what the right hon. Gentleman had in mind on sentencing policy , but I am happy to engage in exchanges outside .
21 Their reaction was so encouraging that it gave me the strength to carry on .
22 Erm this has been prepared by Mr erm and perhaps it would be helpful if he gave you the flavour of it .
23 He was n't sure if he liked what the Headmaster had in store for the Bookman and they had started arguing about it .
24 It is impossible to say how many until we know what the winter will be like .
25 Her tone grew colder as she realized what the sergeant meant .
26 There were no squabbles … as long as they did everything the same as anybody else and paid their fees , which were exactly the same .
27 Yeah as long as we know what the other 's doing .
28 As long as you teach them the basics , they should be all right .
29 You can work it out , how many pennies per gram , or you can work it out , how many grams per penny , and it does n't matter which way round you do it , as long as you know what the answer means , but which way do you prefer ?
30 As long as you know what the whatnots is
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