Example sentences of "[adj] [verb] at the same time " in BNC.

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1 If this happens at the same time as the inevitable swing into wind , it can result in a very rapid rolling over on to the into-wind wing-tip .
2 This happened at the same time as parishes were being formed , and it seems to have resulted in the extinction of many churches , not only as private property but also as working churches .
3 £1 this comes at the same time as having to make fundamental changes to central corporate systems to address the issues of , on the one hand , the Local Government Act 1988 ( which contains the requirements of competition legislation ) and , on the other hand , attempting to identify and apportion expenditure to individual schools and colleges to meet the requirements of the Education Act 1988 .
4 All reviewers have to try to stand outside the immediate context of their listening , but that can be hard to do at the same time as keeping all emotional wavelengths open .
5 A spreadsheet can be recalculated immediately even if only one figure changes , or if many change at the same time .
6 ‘ There have been occasions when there were three different speakers all preaching at the same time , attempting to drown each other out .
7 In saying that an event c caused an event e , or that e was the effect of c , we typically have in mind but do not say that a set of things including c , but not necessarily all occurring at the same time , was required for e .
8 Unfortunately , the sources of information do not all appear at the same time .
9 Er another problem we had as well is we had all going at the same time in a very close area as well .
10 ‘ But with Windows you could have Lotus , WordPerfect and Harvard Graphics , for instance , all open at the same time .
11 She exposed the soles of her feet at the mouth of the oven … she drank gall and rubbed her eyes therewith … in her ardent desire for suffering she made herself a silver circlet in which she fixed three rows of sharp points in honour of the thirty-three years that the Son of God lived upon earth … she wore it underneath her veil to make it the more painful as these points being unequally long did not all pierce at the same time … so that with the least agitation these iron thorns tore her flesh in ninety-nine places …
12 And if we all talk at the same time , he ca n't hear anything .
13 They bubbled with enthusiasm , all talking at the same time while raving on about the beauty of the bush walk .
14 Any eyes or blemishes should be removed and the potatoes should be cut into even-sized pieces to ensure that they are all cooked at the same time .
15 Each council 's elected for four years , but councils are n't all elected at the same time .
16 Those who ignored the role of adaptation were able to flourish at the same time as those for whom adaptation was the primary consideration , because the range of problems that could attract research funding allowed both approaches to find suitable niches for themselves .
17 With the deradicalising of students in the Reagan years , Sarris 's criticisms seem less relevant , and the film is less dated now than those made at the same time or a little later that did reflect the Counter Culture , such as Alice 's Restaurant , The Strawberry Statement , Getting Straight and Zabriskie Point .
18 These levels of breeding success were very similar to those found at the same time in the London area and Leicestershire .
19 In order to compare one year 's attendance with another , it is important to count at the same time each year .
20 ‘ I 'm interested in the small things that gradually lead to the repression of women — I want to make people see these , but be able to laugh at the same time .
21 Assuming that you decide to take the plunge , you should if possible determine at the same time whether you are going to practise on the common law or on the Chancery side .
22 It was possible to hate at the same time as you loved .
23 Alternatively , it could be simply a collection of modules which it is temporarily convenient to modify at the same time .
24 I understand it will be convenient to discuss at the same time the next motion on the order paper that the local government finance amendment report Wales nineteen ninety three , ninety four , House of er in i in in in in inquiry .
25 He would enjoy it more , though , if he were not obliged to read at the same time , in the rear windows of other cars , crude reminders of a more basic sexuality .
26 Alcohol and other drugs have direct sedative and stimulant effects on the brain , both acting at the same time but over different periods of time .
27 So a horse may be able to cope with the stress of injury or the stress of being isolated from other horses ; but if they both happen at the same time , the resulting stress and anxiety may be more than the horse can manage successfully .
28 She claimed that she had invited both her daughter and Neha to go to Marbella with her but Neha was not ready to leave at the same time .
29 SIGNED AND ACKNOWLEDGED by the above-named MARIUS STEEN the Testator as and for his LAST WILL in the presence of us both present at the same time who at his request in his presence and in the presence of each other have hereunto subscribed our names as witnesses : William Bartlemas Keanophile Kevin O'Rourke Macreadophile
30 We both spoke at the same time , and , inevitably , the same words .
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