Example sentences of "[verb] her from time to time " in BNC.

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1 The warmth that Alain had shown her from time to time had quite gone now and she knew he would continue to be an enemy .
2 Yes and the kids can drop round and see her from time to time .
3 Mr Peter the consultant orthopaedic surgeon who tended her first immediately after the accident at Hinchinbrook and thereafter in the year from April nineteen eighteen eight as well as seeing her from time to time since , had this to say about her parent 's efforts quote I think that without their constant support and stimulation and their determination that Anna Jane would function again as a rational human being .
4 Finally , the Report suggested that the Minister might establish ‘ a small committee to advise her from time to time on the subjects and types of adult education courses which should receive priority in qualifying for grant ’ ( Recommendation 18 ) .
5 She was aware of those sapphire-hued eyes following her from time to time , resting on her , evaluating her .
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