Example sentences of "[verb] her at the same time " in BNC.

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1 She projected a kind of agelessness , which had made her at the same time an object of attention from both the Young Women 's Fitness Class and the Over-50s Club .
2 They were watching her intently , with a look that disconcerted her and excited her at the same time .
3 I love you … ’ she heard herself whispering , one detached part of her intellect aghast at the vulnerable openness of her confession , surprising her at the same time with the shocking truth .
4 Tonight she was to chair the meeting , so she left the front door unlocked for any late-comers , and , having seated the nervous little reporter from the Advent in a position where she could see and hear all the ladies present , giving her at the same time a hastily written list of the names of those expected to attend , she called the meeting to order .
5 Sensibly , but with some sensitivity , her boss made the same points to Muriel as he had made in his reference , asking her at the same time if these conflicts had ever arisen out of the office with family friends or neighbours .
6 And Glenn Close 's stubborn and pain-ridden performance as Sunny makes you sad for her and hate her at the same time .
7 Everything seemed to be changing , and this excited and worried her at the same time : she thought about it so much that her face had a permanently screwed up , wondering look .
8 Once more the blue eyes moved over her body with appreciation , confusing yet exciting her at the same time .
9 Jeff had rung to tell her — and to tell her at the same time that Silvia had passed her exams with flying colours .
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