Example sentences of "[verb] up at the same time " in BNC.

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1 Miguel must have rung the policĂ­a , because their car drew up at the same time as Miguel 's jeep .
2 For their tickets , and I said at the area council if they had turned up like they turned up to pay them thirty pound and eight pound , if they 'd turned up at the same time with a petition form what a difference it would
3 Some of these children show an interesting reaction when the allergenic foods are removed from the diet and other allergens avoided : their mental and behavioural symptoms clear up at the same time as their physical ones .
4 At Finsbury Park tube a shambling white man comes up , blood from a cut drying on his brow , trying to beg with dignity and stand up at the same time .
5 But when she was over here , she sold up and her sister sold up at the same time .
6 Set up at the same time as Plowden , with the same terms of reference and some overlap of membership , this report shared Plowden 's philosophy of education , and reached similar general conclusions .
7 Try to keep regular hours , getting up at the same time however tired you may feel .
8 With much wider powers than its predecessor , the Secondary Examinations Council ( SEC ) , SEAC is also heir to the recommendations of another of the Secretary of State 's ad hoc working parties , the Task Group on Assessment and Testing ( TGAT ) which was set up at the same time as the first curriculum working groups and , like them , worked under enormous pressure to produce proposals for the assessment of the National Curriculum .
9 Even , I 've never seen it all set up at the same time .
10 Doctors who treat food intolerance have observed the mental symptoms to clear up at the same time as the physical ones during an elimination diet , and to reappear when the patient tests particular foods .
11 We rolled up at the same time , I on my bike , the Parsons in their BMW .
12 And they have to move to other industries , er productive industries and service industries and er communications for example which is very run down , and that 's going to take I should think , six to nine months of really hard work and suffering , and and a political clean up at the same time , because in the schools and universities for instance , er nobody could get a job in the old days , who was n't politically reliable , and all those people have got to be moved .
13 These authorities are presided over by the National Water Council , set up at the same time to be a central co-ordinating body to give advice on major matters of policy ( Times , 1978 ) .
14 He stood up at the same time as she did , and caught her as she made for the door .
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