Example sentences of "[verb] been [adj] for [adj] [noun] " in BNC.

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1 Er , if the person er is sitting watching the television and er has been awake for several hours then we are at a disadvantage .
2 One has been convinced for some time that the idea was to take Weir in the guise of a No 6 .
3 However , if the house has been unoccupied for some time , the boards will need to be conditioned with water — this method can also help to flatten wavy boards .
4 IBIsys has been available for four years and has around 15,000 customers scattered across Italy , Europe , Canada , South Africa and Australia .
5 Thus a verdict at an inquest of natural causes aggravated by lack of care has been available for many years .
6 Depo-Provera has been available for short-term use in Britain since 1978 .
7 We have described this process earlier ( chapter 6 ) , and it seems to occur in every case where fingerspelling has been available for some time and there has been a strong hearing influence .
8 Groups of bed-sitters with communal lounge facilities have been tried , and in some places the shared lounge has been available for social facilities for the old people of the neighbourhood .
9 In fact this shift has been visible for some time and seems at present to be increasing .
10 These complications are only likely to set in if the infection has been present for some time , and this is only likely to happen if the infection is an asymptomatic one .
11 Adult worm burdens are typically in excess of 40,000 , although lower numbers are often found in animals which has been diarrhoeic for several days prior to necropsy .
12 She has been depressed for some time .
13 The change of status , too , from ‘ wife , to ‘ widow ’ is felt very keenly by most women as a loss of considerable significance , which indeed it is ; for without a partner , a woman who has been married for some years may , unless she already has well developed interests outside her home , find that her social life is suddenly transformed in a very disturbing way .
14 Maitre Lelièpvre has been married for 60 years , and has a son .
15 Mr McNally : ‘ This investigation has been ongoing for five months .
16 That charge has been wrong-headed for some years ; nevertheless , it has been sustained by enough left-wing activity to feed Conservative propaganda .
17 The situation has been poor for some months , but press speculation about receivership has worried suppliers and customers of the brewery .
18 Abroad , the idea of Freeports has been current for many years .
19 This usage has been current for 20 years .
20 ‘ He has been outstanding for several weeks now — and he 's got real pace , which you ca n't find these days , never mind buy it .
21 Gooch has been unwell for several weeks , playing in the first Test at Calcutta with a chest infection that should have ruled him out , missing the three-day match at Vishakhapatnam because he still felt weak , and then pulling out of the second Test at Madras after his infamous encounter with a poisonous prawn .
22 ‘ She has been unwell for some time ; she is liable to spells of nervous depression .
23 has been unwell for some time and has undergone many diagnostic tests .
24 Since the introduction of the Financial Services Act in 1988 it has been compulsory for financial advisers and salesmen to base their advice upon a clients ' current ability to pay future as well as present requirements .
25 In the past it has been compulsory for visiting yachtsmen to call on VHF Ch 16 for a pilot to guide them in , but thankfully this practice has now been abandoned in Vyborg .
26 The currency has been stable for six months .
27 The mammalian gut has been stable for many millennia and acts to constrain the flexibility of E. coli 's genome .
28 Since December 1981 it has been possible for non-US residents to hold euro-dollar deposits and obtain euro-dollar loans from international banking facilities within the USA .
29 It has been possible for some time to cruise down the Nile , or stay in some of the jewelled and painted palaces of Moghul India , or walk along the Great Wall of China .
30 ‘ That has been possible for some time .
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