Example sentences of "[verb] to [pron] [prep] the [det] " in BNC.

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1 to remember that teenagers normally go through the phase of being attracted to someone of the same sex .
2 After some thought he said ; ‘ Well , I have a daughter your age , and if she were to come to me with the same question I would advise her to terminate . ’
3 Her instinct is to relate to everyone in the same way .
4 The issue is even more complicated in the world of sound recording , because we can not pick up a record and listen to it in the same way that we can pick up a book and read it .
5 Leon Kennedy slumped in his chair , laughing , and it came to him with the same elegance as movement .
6 you might be able to do it off that , you wo n't be able to listen to it at the same time
7 Exactly the same thing happened to me at the same stage when I was pregnant . ’
8 No one mentioned it was essential training as a motoring correspondent to have a car crash , but it happened to me in the same gruesome circumstances that confront hundreds of motorists every week .
9 We suggest that , while bicycles may be recognizable by reference to the fact that they are damaged ( as in ( 59 ) ) , we can not easily describe bicycles as belonging to us in the same respect ; nor can we refer to ideas as belonging to you inasmuch as they are " discussed " .
10 He knows that he is only looking at ink on paper , yet his nervous system responds to it in the same kind of way as it might respond to a real woman .
11 Nothing could daunt me and I talked to everyone with the same message : ‘ Cancer was absolutely great because it put you in touch with yourself and the world . ’
12 A year later to the day he had proposed to her at the same table .
13 For she would carry on with her chores and talk to them at the same time .
14 He would then be able to judge to which of the latter he could most advantageously give his second preference , and this informed choice could well not be the same as the " blind " choice the STV obliges him to make .
15 If a third party could not sue for damage caused to him by the former I can see no reason why he should be entitled to sue for damage caused to him by the latter .
16 If a third party could not sue for damage caused to him by the former I can see no reason why he should be entitled to sue for damage caused to him by the latter .
17 ‘ Well , let's just say that it 's crossed your mind that maybe , maybe if you stay long enough in this place it 'll get to you in the same way as it got to me .
18 I have seen him striding through Soho eating a sandwich and talking to himself at the same time , oblivious to the cars and traffic and noise around him , deep in thought .
19 and er the people in the flat above us had to pass our door to get to them in the same way that we had to pass the people , tenants below doors to get to their accommodation .
20 Have we always seen such change and uncertainty and responded to it in the same way ?
21 She wrote to me about the many pressures on girls to worry constantly about their looks , and in particular their bodies .
22 A copy of the report must also be sent to him at the same time that it is sent to the Secretary of State , and he then has twenty-one days in which to decide whether he will ask for a review board to examine the whole matter in public .
23 In other words , the potentialities of the medium were not explored to anything like the same extent' ( 1968 , p. 4 ) .
24 ‘ Stephen 's determined to open a hotel chain and listens to me about the same amount . ’
25 Probably his huge bribe was paid to him along the same obscure channels .
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