Example sentences of "[noun] over the [adj] five years " in BNC.

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1 I met the management of Trent Buses , which operates in a very competitive , deregulated environment , and I am glad to say that its investment programme over the past five years has been impressive .
2 Mr Major wants to ensure that his drive to improve public services is translated into a practical programme over the next five years .
3 In September 1989 a draft law was presented which aimed to facilitate a large-scale privatization programme over the next five years .
4 Ecotech-approved alternatives to other products in the PC range will be introduced in a rolling programme over the next five years .
5 The European Communities ( EC ) announced grant aid for Ethiopia worth $387,000,000 over the next five years , to be directed towards rural development and small-scale industry and agriculture , with the emphasis on the private sector .
6 This year 's profits will be used to help fund a record £1.5billion programme of investment over the next five years to cope with what is described as ‘ a phenomenal ’ growth in mail .
7 Last year , the government announced it would receive a $20 thousand million investment over the next five years , including private sector funds .
8 The fact that France had already received the lion 's share of new European component investment over the previous five years was beside the point .
9 As a result , HDS , which PRC bid as part of its offering , could see orders potentially worth 43,000 units over the next five years , an estimated value of $75m .
10 Many of those interviewed said their job had changed beyond recognition over the past five years and were providing more personal care at the expense of domestic help .
11 The policy has been the cornerstone of China 's efforts to revive state industry over the past five years .
12 A report by Friends of the Earth ( FoE ) has attacked government plans for the expansion of the gas industry over the next five years .
13 I began by noting that in 1987 building societies were at the forefront of financial sector reporting , but the influence , in particular , of the EC has narrowed the gap over the past five years , so that the rules applicable to banks ( The Companies Act 1985 ( Bank Accounts ) Regulations 1991 ) and building societies ( the 1992 regulations ) are now very much in line .
14 The centre has been allocated £10 million in funds over the next five years .
15 It has been restored by the National Maritime Museum over the past five years and was reopened in May .
16 International factoring has grown at a faster rate than domestic factoring over the past five years but still remains only a small fraction of domestic business .
17 The company plans to develop a chain of 15 to 20 two- and three-star hotels in Scotland and Northern England over the next five years .
18 I 'll go straight into er item two A I think the first thing the County Council would would wish to say this erm examination is that er today we are really seeing the culmination of I suspect er ten year work erm in Greater York by the Greater York authority and a particularly intensive period of work over the last five years , er by the Greater York authorities , the paper that I put round N Y five the matter two A really addresses the history and why we reached the conclusions corporately that we have and as all as we 've already indicated erm progress was able to be made when the Secretary of State included a Greater York er dimension erm into the er into the structure plan in a the first alteration , erm and that enabled a body of work to be undertaken by the Greater York authority , and I think I ought to say at this point that the Greater York authority comprises of the County Council er and five District Councils , and there you have six different councils , all with an interest in the future of Greater York , sitting down together , trying to sort out the way in which the future of Greater York erm ought ought to be developed , and the means they did it did that of course was through the Greater York study , which began in nineteen eighty eight and started off immediately with a study of forty , fifty development , potential development sites , erm in and around er er Greater York which produced a report , as I said in on page three of the of N Y five , around about April nineteen eighty nine , the conclusions of which were quite clearly unacceptable to erm members of the Greater York authority , because they saw quite clearly , and they were supported by the public in this , that to continue peripheral development , which had been the pattern of development in the Greater York area , erm certainly through the sixties and seventies er was unacceptable in terms of its impact on settlements , and particularly er its impact erm on erm erm the York greenbelt which still at that stage erm had yet to be made statutory , and that was again one of the main stimuli to making progress , the need to s formally define er the York greenbelt .
19 On the first day of the summit González signed with President Fernando Collor de Mello of Brazil an agreement according to which Spain would made loans and investments of US$3,000 million to Brazil over the next five years , including credits to finance Spanish exports to Brazil .
20 Under current trade arrangements , Hungary is allowed to export 5,000 tonnes of beef per year to the EEC , which is to rise to 6,500 tonnes over the next five years .
21 The article reported a survey by the National Solid Waste Management Association of the change in landfill capacity over the past five years .
22 It is the fifteenth in a series called ‘ The Russian world ’ which he has created for museums in various countries over the last five years or so .
23 Economic growth , at an annual average of 4% over the past five years , is not bad in the circumstances , though not as spectacular as the South-East Asian growth rates that Sri Lanka aspires to emulate .
24 Local authorities are urged that they should collect methane from 1,000 landfill sites over the next five years .
25 What is being suggested is a softening of the hard line taken by the Tories in Scotland over the past five years in the use of political patronage .
26 ‘ The commission took into consideration their record over the past five years , ’ said Graham Kelly , the FA 's chief executive , ‘ but they also noted that they had taken steps to improve it over the last 18 months . ’
27 It suggests that the market will continue to show growth of 2.9 per cent pa over the next five years despite the major question mark over recyclability and solvent emissions .
28 Mr Clinton will scale back the $12 billion he hopes to raise from the tax over the next five years by between a third and two-thirds .
29 To take just one example : Associated British Ports ( the former British Transport Docks Board ) has paid over £60 million in corporation tax over the last five years .
30 Taiwan Aerospace 's vice-president , George Liu , said last month the venture aimed to sell 130 planes over the next five years .
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