Example sentences of "[noun] with [noun] [adv] over the " in BNC.

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1 Our future lies in further developing the appeal of our outstanding portfolio of brands with consumers all over the world .
2 This game is based on the Simon game that was a hit with kids all over the U.K. a number of years ago .
3 We wanted to get away from it all but now find we 're in daily contact with people all over the world ! ’
4 Contact Victim Support ( see box ) , a counselling service with branches all over the country .
5 As director of the Lucerne Festival , and principal conductor of the London Mozart Players , as well as a regular guest conductor with orchestras all over the world , he is well placed to promote the cause .
6 The society grew rapidly and Mary Sumner , an indefatigable letter-writer , kept in touch with members all over the world .
7 From the minutes of the meeting of 15 January , it seems that the society was already in touch with correspondents all over the United Kingdom .
8 They often find it easier to deal with an agency rather than directly with someone , ’ said a spokesman for Poppies , the Darlington-based company with franchises all over the country ( –444 ) .
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