Example sentences of "[noun] of a [noun] [adv] the " in BNC.

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1 For example , if a stepping motor is used to drive the carriage of a teletype then the system must come to rest for the printing of each letter .
2 The criteria for assessment of a return i.e. the balance sheet , could only be results .
3 One is led to the conclusion therefore that the husband should convey as beneficial owner ; he is very often conveying the former matrimonial home as part of an agreement whereby the wife releases her rights to further claims for capital , and as such he could be said to be receiving valuable consideration from her and it is established that a vendor selling under compulsion should stand in the same position as a contractual purchaser under an open contract ( see Re King [ 1962 ] 1 WLR 632 and Emmet on Title above ) .
4 If a process is distributed across a number of elements of a system then the situation is much more complex .
5 Lazy bitch , she was : lying on this couch day after day feeling too bad to move ; but she could go upstairs and carry out the duties of a wife whenever the fancy took her .
6 It 's very interesting to note that in contemporary political philosophy there is almost no room left for democratic decision making because in most theories that we 're given , more or less everything is already decided at a constitutional level I mean think of theory of justice , it 's the theory of justice that decides the basic nature of a constitution so the role of members of a government is simply to interpret and apply the constitution so they can make the most efficient tax policies given the basic constitution , but no individual has the authority to challenge that constitution and change it by democratic means .
7 For he can see in the X-ray picture of a chest only the shadows of the heart and ribs , with a few spidery blotches between them .
8 I have many happy memories of a time when the world was innocent as were most of us .
9 A quarter of a century ago the news broke that scientists had come near to taming the hydrogen bomb and turning fusion power into a source of energy for power stations .
10 His caravan site is a quarter of a mile up the valley from his house at a place called Miller 's Bottom — here , it 's marked .
11 This was the unplanned beginning of a process whereby the Liberal government gradually withdrew provision for deserving groups from the Poor Law , at no cost to the Exchequer and as little as possible to local rates .
12 Nevertheless , the year 1961 , in which Molly Sheavyn and Mark Frame assumed office , is historically very significant for it marks the beginning of an era when the BDDA was no longer tun by part-time volunteers from their homes , but became an organisation with its own office and full-time paid staff .
13 They came from all over Gloucestershire for a typical Victorian day out … a trip on a steamer to the seaside resort of Ilfracombe.Six hundred and fifty climbed aboard the Balmoral at Lydney dock … making the most of the chance of a lifetime.After all the last pleasure boat to attract the crowds down to Lydney dock for a trip to Devon was the paddle steamer Ravenswood in 1893 .
14 The process of achievement of a state where the self is receptive to the love of God is that of a balancing act .
15 Now this steady-state comparison is a good example of a case where the criticisms of the orthodox model are well taken .
16 By considering different facets of a company simultaneously the model is able to synthesise these to give a clear message , even if the individual ratios are giving contradictory signals .
17 There is a story in La Scala that a very good singer once opened the door of a room where the maestro was preparing a lady for a little love-making , and he never worked for Toscanini again .
18 The exact truth as to material fact ceases to be of importance in art — it is a student 's style — the style of a period when the mind is serene and unawakened to the tragical mysteries of life . ’
19 The most important modification of the draft , agreed after several hours of reportedly heated debate , was the omission of a clause whereby the declaration would take immediate effect .
20 The Garlands , and their shop with the rooms over , were out of period , relics of a time when the business and management of the town had been in the hands of a few prosperous traders .
21 Dressed in the multicoloured jacket of his company ‘ team , ’ exhausted Daryn Swords said : ‘ I thought it was a hell of a day when the first rate rise came .
22 The Scots , in particular , got a hell of a lot out the Empire , proportionately the Scots had many more positions of influence and profit in the Empire than we did , and I think Scottish nationalism had it 's economic roots in the last twenty/thirty years from a realization that the Empire 's over , and that great outlet for Scottish energy , education and ambition was closed , therefore the Scots are shut up in the island as they used not to be .
23 If 2342 scan lines from the MSS are placed together like the rows of a matrix then the distance from the first to the last scan line is just about 185 km .
24 If this hypothesis is true then the enormous international coalition against Iraq , under American leadership , is the end of an epoch not the beginning of a new one .
25 There were no cries — no spitting of a cat , no squealing of a rabbit only the crackling of twigs and the tearing of the grass in violence .
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