Example sentences of "[noun] it is [adv] [verb] that " in BNC.

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1 Of the two methods it is generally agreed that ‘ write black ’ is much better at fine lines and accurate reproduction of small typeface sizes while ‘ write white ’ is best for large areas of solid black .
2 In soil geography it is generally suggested that the systems approach was formally applied by Nikiforoff ( 1959 ) although earlier he had distinguished accumulative and non-accumulative soils and so implicitly involved an open system attitude ( Nikiforoff , 1949 ) .
3 The most important ingredient in the construction stage is time but , although this is sometimes a source of worry at the beginning , in practice it is often found that this stage is less time-consuming than the planning stages .
4 ( b ) Counternotices Where the initiator of the review is required to specify the proposed new rent it is sometimes provided that the figure so specified shall be the new rent unless the other party serves a counternotice within a given period .
5 In a commercial or industrial setting it is often assumed that organisations try to maximise profits as their main goal .
6 In the field of cancer therapy it is well known that irradiation can cause tumours and yet they can also be treated by radiation and many of the drugs used in chemotherapy for tumours can also cause tumours .
7 10 Burden of proof Dealing first with the question of reasonableness as between the parties it is now accepted that the burden of proof falls on the party seeking to enforce the restraint .
8 On a second or subsequent marriage it is frequently said that a wedding speech should make no reference to previous spouses , nor children of earlier marriages unless they are junior pages and need to be acknowledged and welcomed , or even the fact that either party has been married before .
9 As a direct consequence of the Torrie proposal it is also understood that the university 's application for its collections to be granted nationally registered status — giving access to a range of vital funding — is likely to be rejected by the Museum and Galleries Commission .
10 Certainly in certain professions such as teaching , nursing or social work it is generally considered that a desire to serve the public is of paramount importance .
11 In the short run it is generally argued that tax cuts will simply stimulate aggregate demand and , with aggregate supply largely unaffected , will be inflationary .
12 After an accident it is often found that maintenance work as well as repairs is necessary and it is quite natural that the Policyholder will want both carried out at the same time .
13 In work organisations it is universally believed that cooperation is a Good Thing , and achieve greater productivity than lack of cooperation .
14 They do have a medical examination as part of the process of coming here and in the course of that medical examination it is sometimes disclosed that a woman is or is not a virgin , and that is sometimes noted on the medical report and from time to time some ECO 's have used that piece of evidence in making a decision about the relationship of the wife ; I have always condemned it and by and large it does not happen .
15 This is because in any sample of right handers it is usually found that a considerable proportion of subjects do not show the expected right ear superiority for verbal material .
16 Scalars and vectors are in fact the simplest types of tensors , and from SR it is well known that if an equality can be proved between vectors ( or scalars ) in one inertial frame then the equality remains true under Lorentz transformations to other inertial frames .
17 For example , in the UK it is commonly argued that Labour governments give a special role in public policy-making to the trade unions ( with whom the party is closely associated ) , whilst excluding business interest groups from comparable influence .
18 In the UK it is commonly agreed that this happens at least in part because of the extent to which farming , relative to industrial , interests are " understood " in most Conservative cabinets ( and even some Labour ones ! ) .
19 Moreover , recent surveys have suggested that not so many members of these societies are ‘ literate ’ by the standards expected than had previously been assumed : in the UK it is now held that over one million people have an acquaintance with literacy that is insufficient for the demands made on them by this kind of society ( DES , 1980 ) .
20 This is why to account for their longevity it is now believed that they were a qualified kind of ectothermic homeotherm continually striving to become endothermic homeotherms .
21 For example it is generally accepted that , since the real-balance effect concerns the net wealth of the private sector , indebtedness arising from within the private sector should be excluded from the definition of NW .
22 For example it is well known that asthma and eczema are linked but what is frequently overlooked is the way that a person 's asthma can be bad at a time when their eczema is quiet and their eczema can be its worst when the asthma is quiet .
23 In the building trade it is well known that the cost of building a new building may be less than the cost of modifying an old one .
24 In theory it is typically assumed that we are concerned with the distribution of taxes and benefits among individuals according to their ability to pay ( the normative basis for this is not discussed here — see Lecture 11 ) ; in empirical work , this is typically taken to mean measured money income .
25 In Britain it is well known that the 1968 Donovan Report identified bargaining structures as a major strategic variable in determining the effectiveness of industrial relations .
26 On the other hand if someone dies of a heart attack it is just accepted that the cause is hereditary , ‘ He over-exerted himself once too often , ’ or most commonly , it was ‘ Just bad luck ’ .
27 In the latter case it is easily shown that the matching in fact yields an equivalence once induction has been used to deal with lower levels .
28 This is the part where there is a surfaced footway or pavement but at present it is so overgrown that pedestrians have to walk on the road .
29 At the European level it is widely believed that common standards will allow an expanded internal market to be developed and thus facilitate the economies of scale considered necessary for effective competition against foreign manufacturers .
30 In vertical mergers it is often claimed that there are important gains to co-ordination and planning .
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