Example sentences of "[noun] it be for [pron] [to-vb] " in BNC.

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1 You do n't know Stella , what er a delight it is for us to have you .
2 At this moment it was for him to protect her , and he must find a way to do it .
3 Meanwhile the owner the person who lived a small terraced property , whose garden backs onto the fields tried to get the hounds several dozen hounds off these two dogs who were being savaged to death and he had a heart attack in the process , Chairman and was hospitalized for several weeks That Chairman is the effect of the hunt on one of my constituents whose job it is for me to defend the rights that I was elected here to defend the rights of my constituents , not to be harassed in this manner .
4 The same day , Mobutu warned the conference against this course , asserting in a statement read on national radio that under the present Constitution it was for him to appoint the head of government .
5 So he said I I do n't want to keep you , and I I could see what struggle it was for him to come a er so often in the bad weather , that er I I started the same idea .
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