Example sentences of "[noun] of [noun] [adv] [prep] the " in BNC.

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1 Their front was protected by the Glen , and the foothills in which they deployed their forces , low though they lay , were well-grown with bushes and clumps of trees almost to the waterside , and afforded a clear field of vision before them .
2 Further on , the road crosses open moorland to arrive at Grudie Bridge , which is not now the delightful picnic spot it used to be , the old stone bridge having been replaced and many of the noble pines sacrificed to road widening ; nothing , however , can diminish the majesty of Slioch directly across the water .
3 I think this is one of the essentials in Harlow and something that people should not forget , that is that , although there is a great deal of criticism possibly of the standard of building that went on over the years of the Development Corporation , compared with what most people came from , there was a very great elevation both in quality and in ideas .
4 In any event , come again , we always have a great deal of variety here at the theatre and if you are a speedy worker , you should do very well . ’
5 There is still a great deal of Greece all through the Tartarin and Daumier part of this queer country , where the good folks have the accent you know ; there is a Venus of Arles just as there is a Venus of Lesbos and one still feels the youth of it , in spite of all …
6 There is a good deal of evidence elsewhere in the Digest to show that in civil-law dispositions too intention was regarded as the key to application of a condition or a term ; and this goes back as early as Pegasus .
7 The hunters , usually dominant males , spend a great deal of time together in the process .
8 For the popular protestant version , one which is still shared probably by a majority of clergymen within the protestant denominations of the North , the church re-emerges after centuries of misguidance only with the Reformation .
9 Adams ( 1985b ) illustrates this kind of difficulty in showing how a subject with good vision in the right eye , but perception of light only in the left eye , could easily bump into a half-open door before realising it was there .
10 Sadly , the gloom of World Cup failure prevails ; Denmark 's 1–0 defeat of Albania earlier in the day rendered even the most optimistic mathematician 's calculator redundant .
11 He could not turn back and his instruments were not functioning so he flew down a succession of gorges well below the surrounding peaks .
12 It has been this policy of screening tenants over the decades before the main sale of council houses was pushed through by the Government that has resulted in the buying of houses largely on the best estates , and has helped to reinforce the emergence of the ghetto in many areas of Britain .
13 One day their terms of reference will be agreed and there 'll be no mention of happiness anywhere in the document .
14 The raids were followed by a military action on the ground , and neutral Cambodia was drawn into the conflict , with appalling loss of life there over the next few years .
15 Preliminary estimates suggest that insurance claims could reach between £200 million and £300 million after taking into account the damage to buildings , the cost of reconstruction and loss of business both in the City and at Staples Corner .
16 Relatively recently , feminist scholars , now drawn closer through common experience to an older generation many of whose values they had challenged , have extended their concerns and pushed forward a more subtle questioning of women 's experience of ageing and how it might differ from men 's as a result of inequalities right through the life cycle .
17 Hering realized that disease was the result of imbalance somewhere in the body and that if a true cure was to be effected , the imbalance had to be corrected .
18 Over a range of Rayleigh number ( probably dependent on Prandtl number ) , the thermals penetrate right across the layer , generating transient stable blobs of fluid close to the opposite boundary .
19 This Centre offers a programme of studies both at the undergraduate and intermediate postgraduate levels .
20 Scottish football is littered with morality tales but none of them capture the tragedy of success quite like the story of Peter Marinello .
21 There has been a delegation of powers downwards to the Réunion and individual museums , and in 1991 the Réunion changed its statute to operate more like a private enterprise .
22 The Trust 's management is aware of the dangers , and seeks constantly to ensure that growth is matched by clear , flexible procedures which promote vitality and experimentation , by a healthy eagerness on the part of the managers to manage , and above all , by the delegation of responsibility right through the organisation .
23 The relative initial velocity of channel activation by cGMP was plotted against the concentration of cGMP either in the presence ( i ) or absence ( ○ ) of calmodulin .
24 This was the first departmental review under new procedure agreed with Heads of Departments earlier in the year .
25 Tomorrow morning it 'll be dry wit hazy sunshine but increasing cloud is likely to give outbreaks of rain later in the afternoon .
26 A second compulsory course ( taught by development studies specialists ) would be on the Principles and practice of development both at the macro level ( eg the place of the Third World countries in the world economy ) and the micro level ( eg community organisation ; role of church-related NGOs ) .
27 He was never allowed to hold the colobus , though , and sat eating his piece of meat apart from the others .
28 Alice 's room was tiny , with a single bed , one other piece of furniture apart from the wall cupboard , a small chair , and a narrow window that would not open .
29 Only when every part of the grass verge around the body had been scoured , and the piece of turf actually under the body remained the last to be examined , would Dr Barnard allow human feet to walk on the ground to approach the body .
30 He felt Dashwood 's index finger inside his mouth , pushing the slippery piece of skin further into the moist orifice .
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