Example sentences of "[noun] of [noun] [adv] over the " in BNC.

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1 The raids were followed by a military action on the ground , and neutral Cambodia was drawn into the conflict , with appalling loss of life there over the next few years .
2 Went to the Royal Academy when I was doing my 'O' Levels , it was a Jackson follow up it was about , ambulance was about twelve foot by twelve foot , it was literally splodges of paint all over the fucking place , it was horrible , you can actually buy them at the Royal Academy , you ca n't buy them at , but he was asking a hundred thousand pounds for it , I could n't believe it , a trained monkey could of fucking painted that
3 Many can forage above ground at night but they laboriously shield themselves from predators by constructing covered run-ways , and thin crusts of mud all over the vegetation they are plundering .
4 What a growing part of agriculture all over the world had in common was subjection to the industrial world economy .
5 For ears treated surgically there was no significant advantage of adenoidectomy alone over the baseline category of tube insertion alone .
6 Lyddy put the final touches to her hair and slipped two ropes of pearls carefully over the finished edifice .
7 I mean I think there are groups of women all over the country very interested in feminism and doing lots of good work and providing support for women who do want some sort of change , and so if that 's what you mean by the women 's liberation movement I think it 's a very good thing .
8 These source rocks are the peridotites , and since geophysics tells us that the mantle consists of the same kind of material all over the world , it 's clear that melting part of the mantle beneath Hawaii should produce the same kind of rocks as those produced by melting part of the mantle beneath Iceland .
9 BT has provided £75,000 in support of Teesside Tomorrow over the past three years .
10 Algal , lichen and moss communities grow wherever there is a hint of moisture , in a variety of habitats all over the continent .
11 To some extent , little or much , the Created God has been in course of production all over the world for all time .
12 Our task today is to increase the international pressure on behalf of the thousands of prisoners of conscience all over the world , to make tomorrow the day their freedom is restored .
13 The event was held in the school library and messages of hope were written to prisoners of conscience all over the world .
14 There is going to be all forms of Jihad all over the world because there is a sacred element , there is an element erm of er which is the presence of a foreign non-Muslim force in the Holy Land ; this is a very explosive element .
15 In the sultry haze of late August , the only noises were the cicadas , the splash of the children in the pool and the rumble of thunder away over the Gorges du Verdon .
16 And with the help of breeders all over the world , they 've made a dramatic comeback .
17 You keep meeting the same people in a sector of industry all over the world . ’
18 To me there are prototypes of Alf all over the country : far too many of them in fact .
19 A tiny creature which cuts a tracery of lines all over the surface of floating foliage .
20 So , there are these sort of centres all over the country , er but this is the first time that there has been one that has arts and science under the same room .
21 Suddenly , as we were about fifty yards from that lovely smell of coffee , there was an almighty roar as the barn blew up , scattering burning straw and all kinds of debris all over the farm area .
22 If you ask me , it looks like a load of picture of heads all over the bloody place !
23 The significance of the birth of Christ is not the sudden appearance of angels all over the place , but the fact that such an important person was born in the most humble surroundings — in a poor and lowly stable .
24 Not only can we use the considerable buying power of Guinness to get the best prices , but we can use our knowledge of suppliers all over the world to ensure the highest quality product .
25 Nearly 30% of Americans all over the country surveyed by the Washington Post said they feared their city would be subject to a terrorist attack .
26 the surface of light just over the border .
27 There is going to be a serious shortage of food all over the world during the next year .
28 I have visions of bosses all over the land going hot under the collar as they see yet more of their staff enjoying the antics of this old salt — it could take over where Leisure Suit Larry left off .
29 The trouble was that the land belonged to a family who lived in London and owned parcels of land all over the country and had so far resisted all attempts to relinquish this innocuous piece of British soil .
30 Particularly in the streets that have undergone a great deal of change since the war , like the street where I live myself , which is another thing that prompted me to , to go into the research in the first place , which is erm a house of small Victorian erm I believe the estate agents call them artisans ' cottages , and this kind of area which , there 's a great deal of this sort of property in Brighton , has undergone enormous changes since the war from being multi-occupied before the war , with one family on each floor , were regarded immediately after the war as slums and were scheduled for demolition , but they 've been a great lease of life all over the country , this sort of property , and been subjected to a process which has come to be known as gentrification , which has meant that when the middle class could n't afford to , to buy semi-detached in suburbs they took to buying this kind of smaller property in town centres , thereby introducing a whole new element into streets that had never seen these , this kind of things done to houses before .
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