Example sentences of "[noun] [vb -s] been [adv] for [adj] " in BNC.

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1 The building was not built in ninety one , whether there 's any relevance or not , where they 're trying to prove that the building has been up for some time , they 'd say , it 's not , that building was put up this year .
2 ‘ On a machine that no nome has been on for fifteen thousand years ? ’ said Masklin .
3 The Tetris theme has been around for some years now but shareware authors have taken the original idea to new heights .
4 How has it been for yourself , obviously you 've been here with your children , your husband 's been away for more than a month , in Iraq , there must have been er terrible thoughts going through you mind at certain times ?
5 Despite the fact that our genus has been around for some four million years , it is only in the past century or so that we have discovered the knack of using radio signals .
6 Manager Sue Surrey is seen here being presented with the southern regional quarterly audit prize by Eugene Kertzman and CCG client Ewart Wooldridge , and she has no doubt about the reason : ‘ CCG has been here for 12 years , myself for the last seven , and you can put our success down to working together as a team .
7 Version 1 of Rescalc has been around for some years and is today regarded as rather palaeolithic .
8 ‘ Or maybe she just learned from a more rational neighbour that the real Delia has been abroad for six months .
9 Modern man has been around for 4 hours .
10 Curiously , one of the first applications of the JPEG standard has been not for still images but for motion video .
11 Today people spend their money more evenly and the standard of hospitality has improved This unit has been here for ten years and can take 350 people , it 's well established .
12 The idea has been around for 80 years .
13 His section has been over for some time . ’
14 The same family has closed it 's delicatessen which has now become an art shop and the butcher whose family has been here for 176 years , closes this weekend .
15 The cricket pitch has been there for thirty five years .
16 Schmeichel has been out for two matches with a poisoned hand .
17 The carpet has been there for three years and is still in good condition — the only signs of wear are the marks left by ‘ wee Lachie ’ , the Stewarts ' three-year-old son .
18 The shareware package Formgen has been around for some time now and is a proven system for designing forms .
19 The shareware package Formgen has been around for some time now and is a proven system for designing forms .
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