Example sentences of "[noun] [noun sg] of [noun] over the " in BNC.

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1 The decline of pre-marital pregnancy during the late nineteenth century was probably therefore less the product of adoption of middle-class values than the consequence of the felt loss of control over the consequence of heterosexual relations .
2 The multi-million pound trail of destruction over the past 12 months includes the following outrages :
3 This year 's profits will be used to help fund a record £1.5billion programme of investment over the next five years to cope with what is described as ‘ a phenomenal ’ growth in mail .
4 Contrary to Unix-on-the-desktop sceptics , the fastest growing sector will be the Unix PC marketplace with a revenue CAGR of 28% over the period .
5 Karimov claims to have discovered a direct correlation between nuclear tests conducted at the Soviet testing site of Semipalatinsk over the years and earthquakes throughout the former Soviet Union .
6 Scientist Tom Clarkson said that there was a 50-60 percent loss of ozone over the Antarctic during the southern spring ( from September to November ) .
7 Sale et al. ( 1975 ) interviewed a random general population sample of females over the age of 15 in Hobart , Tasmania , and found that overdoses and self-injuries were regarded as potentially lethal in most cases .
8 Study in Midlothian had shown a 33% loss , East Lothian a 23% loss and Bedfordshire in England had shown a remarkable 82% loss of ponds over the last century .
9 His assistant dangled a 250′ length of wire over the edge of the cliff and heard a message sent by Marconi from a house near Bournemouth Pier .
10 According to new figures from the Central Statistical Office , consumers increased their debts by £13m in February having paid off £505m worth of debt over the previous six months .
11 For the past four years , Nottingham has led the field in police harassment of motorists over the Christmas period , and come bottom of the league in the proportion of compulsory breath tests which proved justified .
12 It expects to get venture funding of $2m–$4m over the summer when it will start shipping .
13 CCG HAS started a new contract to provide school meals for the London Borough of Wandesworth over the next four years .
14 In addition , I have as a consultant — and on behalf of the National Children 's Bureau — been working with a team from the University of London Institute of Education over the past two years or so , to distil the lessons from this research for local and health authorities .
15 If you have only a 25mm or 50mm thickness in your loft , it is well worth adding a new 100mm layer of insulation over the top .
16 The chamber refused to give magistrates power of arrest over the five , however .
17 West Mercia 's Chief Constable is to ask Malvern Hills District Council to make an order excluding processions or convoys of travellers within a 4-mile radius of Castlemorton over the May Bank Holiday .
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