Example sentences of "[noun] [conj] it [is] [adv] [verb] " in BNC.

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1 People frequently give sympathy where it 's not wanted — where the other person perhaps regards themselves as strong , determined , a fighter .
2 The currency of a provisional grant where it is not declared final is to be a period of one year ( subs .
3 This ‘ technology transfer ’ is a process of innovation , but it involves spreading existing technology from sectors where it is conventionally used throughout industry so as to provide added value and competitive advantage .
4 The cash has been sent on to HQ where it is sorely needed ( see our Spring issue ) .
5 In explosive breeding , all reproductive activity is packed into a few days , with the result that it is highly synchronised .
6 The ancient Dwarf hold of Karak Ungor has become so infested with Night Goblins that it is now known as Red Eye Mountain .
7 The ‘ I ’ , he would have argued , only means something in relation to all the other words that it is usually compared with — in this case the personal pronouns like ‘ you ’ , ‘ she ’ or ‘ it ’ .
8 There are still traces of hut circles attributed to an Iron Age occupation and , at the time of the Roman invasion , the local patriots , the Brigantes , established a hill fort to resist the foreign legions ; an ancient rampart wall , built around the perimeter of the summit and almost half a mile in circumference , has survived the centuries although it is now crumbled and has many gaps .
9 Although they were the servants of governments whose interests it was their duty to uphold unreservedly , it was easier in such a setting than it is today to recognize certain common interests .
10 To identify a fluttering shadow as the outline of a bird is not so revealing as the recognition that it is actually cast by a butterfly .
11 2.35 In claims for the death of an infant child there is rarely any actual dependency but there might be prospective loss and it is well established that prospective loss is sufficient to found a claim by the parents .
12 We do n't want to accrue er interest even if it 's being expenses by B-Sky-B if it 's not going to actually be paid for many years , but to the extent that it 's er likely to turn into cash in the relatively near future , then I think we would erm think it 's now time to start addressing that issue and the result would be that we should probably erm accrue some reasonable and not very substantial amount of back-interest er in the current financial year .
13 It does n't have to have the polish of a broadcast programme if it is not going to be broadcast .
14 Visions of heavy counselling sessions come to mind and it is often felt that the grieving person must be helped to ‘ come to terms with it ’ , whatever ‘ it ’ might be .
15 Even if the new President had entered his official residence , he would have no standing in his own community , and what , after all , is the point of a Maronite President if it is not to integrate the Maronites within the traditional confessional system which — readjusted in the Muslims ' favour — the Tayif agreement perpetuates ?
16 But it 's in having said that it 's an interesting fact that the knitted fabric as such we know , is a warm sort of comfortable fabric and it 's obviously used in where I call the , the cold climes , and that , that 's why it 's developed in the very areas we 've been talking about .
17 Holding the mussel with both forefeet , it begins pounding it on the rock until it is sufficiently broken to allow the otter to extract the flesh with its teeth .
18 What is the point of sending the article to learned referees if it is subsequently going to be altered without warning ?
19 Not difficult to understand then why a stove can be a backpacker 's best friend — or worst enemy if it 's not suited to the use you intend .
20 There are of course passages where Klemperer 's gravitas is amazingly powerful , as in the first movement , but the first ‘ Nachtmusik ’ requires greater momentum if it is not to appear diffuse .
21 The decision is likely to postpone a hearing on the charges for many months and it is now thought that the case could eventually be heard in Milan instead of Turin .
22 Television , for the NVALA , is a uniquely powerful medium , and one therefore that can have devastating effects on the social fabric if it is not checked .
23 Certainly platelets do not normally adhere to arterial endothelium if it is not damaged but the explanation for this antithrombotic property of intact endothelium remains obscure .
24 Well , crazy , I suppose I 'm crazy , I 've always thought runners were crazy , I 've always , you know , said friends and colleagues that used to run were mad , it only started off to get fit for skiing , and well , I hit , you know , I 've got the bug , and er well it 's going to be my first marathon and it 's definitely going to be my last marathon .
25 So the process starts with the data and it 's totally determined by the contents of the data , right ?
26 The procedure is particularly apt if there is a risk that the goods may be destroyed or disposed of before trial of the action but it is not confined to such situations .
27 Does he also agree that there has been a noticeable change of opinion in the business community , in that in 1990 it thought that we could go into the exchange rate mechanism without any disadvantage whereas it is now beginning to realise that the ERM obliges us to have a higher exchange rate and higher real interest rates than are appropriate for domestic needs ?
28 The second fragment ( 23kb ) detected by the 680-bp probe is from an unrelated locus ( see Fig. 3 legend ) and serves as a control for the amount of DNA loaded in this experiment as it is not deleted .
29 Vitamin B12 is rather an odd vitamin as it is only obtained from animal sources ( such as meat , milk , and eggs ) and not at all from plant foods .
30 It is certain that we have to devise ways to move beyond antiracism as it is presently constituted .
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