Example sentences of "[noun] [prep] the next [num] years " in BNC.

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1 It is believed that the National Gallery has committed its entire purchase grant for the next three years towards the cost of the Holbein and , given the fact that purchase grants for national museums have been frozen since 1985 , other museums are similarly powerless both to acquire when the works come onto the market , and to match their export price when their licences are suspended .
2 The government 's overall aim was to freeze spending on state-owned enterprises , social security and defence for the next four years .
3 Small wonder that the estimates of global sea-level rise for the next 100 years are very tentative .
4 Subject to that undertaking , I am pleased to announce today that I have increased the funding planned by the corporation by £22 million , bringing provision for the next three years to £130 million .
5 By the early part of the last century two kinds of hospital had emerged that set the pattern for finance and provision for the next 150 years ( Abel-Smith , 1964 ) .
6 Subject to budgetary approval , the plan ratified by both houses of the federal parliament will mean growth of 16 per cent pa in the science budget for the next four years .
7 The COPEI and the MAS on Feb. 24 declined Pérez 's request to the secretaries-general of all main opposition parties to join a " political cabinet " of ministers without portfolio to draft policies for the next two years of government .
8 The Museum is a registered Charity with no public funding and Mick Miller , Finance Trustee , said : ‘ This sponsorship is a very generous gesture and we are delighted that this has come from an enterprising local company which has pledged support for our activities for the next three years . ’
9 The latest version of the Park 's Structure Plan , which sets out the basic strategy of the control of development in the park for the next 10–15 years , states that the visual impact of windfarms outweighs the net benefit to global conservation .
10 Since then individual departments have each published their own spending plans for the next three years , approved by the Treasury .
11 This statement together with a series of strategic aims ( set out on page 2 ) and more specific objectives will guide the Councils in establishing specific action plans for the next three years .
12 We have set out our tax and spending plans for the next three years .
13 New programmes for the next three years include a research study on women in the media in some Asian countries , workshops in South Asia for women 's alternative media , and a wider concern for advocacy in women 's media issues .
14 I think you might do better to live with him for a while , before you actually tie the nuptial knot with someone who may be borrowing your knickers for the next 60 years .
15 Mr Cooney said the reason Northern Ireland had received only £1.04bn European funding for the next seven years , while the Republic got £7.8bn , was because the province did not have its own negotiators in Brussels .
16 In recognition of the importance of our work , I am pleased to report that our Central Government grant was increased last year to £140,00 with guaranteed funding for the next three years .
17 It is estimated that a modest increase from the present 1.8% , to 2% of total institutional expenditure , would enable us to maintain the services at their present level for the next five years .
18 In return , the Edinburgh branch of the STA was to maintain peace on all questions of wages and hours for the next three years .
19 Now owned by Varity Corporation , Perkins has celebrated its diamond jubilee by signing a multi-million pound contract to supply Caterpillar for the next 10 years .
20 It was maintained with local support for the next three years , then in 1975 it acquired a three-year grant from the Council on Learning Resources ( CLR ) .
21 Less than 25 have been completed and the latest plan aims to finish only 26 projects during the next two years .
22 His new-round reputation was also reflected in smart London society flocking to see the latest novelties from Australia — dead and alive — in the ornithologist 's house in Broad Street , as well as the number of subscribers willing to pay for his extravagant Australian publications , which would provide him with an income for the next 30 years .
23 Now these , this next band , the annual mileage ones , the sickness , and the form seven projections for the next three years , that data will come from Alan .
24 This new fashion for dressing a corpse was to remain in vogue for the next fifty years .
25 Well , Tony McCaffery , good luck for the next twenty years .
26 We regretted the decision for the next ten years .
27 The rate of ozone depletion in the Antarctic has slowed in the past few years , but the researchers say that their model predicts " a return to more rapid depletion during the next four years as the solar minimum is approached . "
28 1991 saw total Unix systems revenue in Europe climb to $6.9bn from $6bn in 1990. 1991 's growth of 15% is two points up on 1990 's 13% — IDC predicts a mean compound annual growth rate ( CAGR ) of 14% for the next six years , by which time it believes the European market will be worth some $16.3bn .
29 In 1880 he was elected Liberal MP for Montgomeryshire and he held the seat for the next fourteen years .
30 Here are a few examples from the programme for the next two years :
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