Example sentences of "[verb] [vb pp] [pers pn] [prep] the same " in BNC.

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1 The Renaissance was a rebirth of the Alexandrian-Roman spirit , and it has taken us on the same path .
2 ‘ Whoever tried to kill us in the plane , whoever that was , has put us on the same side . ’
3 Certainly , these designs were employed for a period of at least forty years , and their designers might not always have seen them in the same light .
4 It is possible that supplies may have reached them by the same inner Asian route by which they imported jade and turquoise and exported silk .
5 ‘ They must have bugged her for the same reason we went to see her : she was somebody unofficial but experienced in underground work — They 'd know they were up against some British group not the CIA .
6 Now if some of the mathematics they had learnt had been relevant to them and interesting to them maybe they would have remembered it in the same way they 've remembered plenty of other things that are important to them .
7 It seems unlikely that William Joyce would not have known it at the same time .
8 Now all of this may well have made no difference to the final result ; the courts reading of the facts may have led them to the same conclusion whatever the meanings given to reasonable and unreasonable .
9 Although politicians at the time would certainly not have viewed it in the same light , with the benefit of hindsight , we can claim that , as both of the main political parties broadly supported Keynesian economics and the existence of the mixed economy , the differences between them were , in today 's terms , relatively small .
10 ‘ If I 'd had three boys I could have fitted them into the same bedrooms . ’
11 I would 've put them on the same level in all honesty
12 The devil had booked them into the same room .
13 And I 've done it with the same manager — Harry Bassett . ’
14 She projected a kind of agelessness , which had made her at the same time an object of attention from both the Young Women 's Fitness Class and the Over-50s Club .
15 If he had played me at the same age he 'd have given me three blacks start and a beating .
16 It had reduced him to the same level , just another anonymous treatment that her body had required .
17 After an initial hesitation in December that lasted no more than forty-eight hours , the King 's sense of fair play had led him to the same conclusion .
18 Years of sunlight had tanned him to the same mahogany brown as the island fishermen .
19 They 've castrated him at the same time
20 ‘ I have forgiven you for the same ! ’
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