Example sentences of "[verb] [vb pp] [pron] at the [adj] " in BNC.

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1 As for their laying the birch on my pocket , I compute that my support of Lewis and Brzeska has cost me at the lowest estimate about £20 per year , from one source alone since that regrettable occurrence , since I dared to discern a great sculptor and a great painter in the midst of England 's artistic desolaton .
2 ‘ Story of my life , ’ he growls when a red declines to go into a pocket for the simple reason that he has hit it at the wrong angle .
3 I 'd met her at the odd party where we 'd chatted and that 's about it . ’
4 Oh it was a nice ball that by , shoots and scores , Notts get a second just moments after they might have conceded one at the other end , the referee unimpressed by the penalty claims but the crowd are there , with a really fine piece of finishing by Gary , nine minutes to half time and adds to the one that got in twenty four , and it 's two nil to Notts County against .
5 It seems unlikely that William Joyce would not have known it at the same time .
6 If the purchaser himself intends to dispose subsequently of these assets he will prefer to have acquired them at the higher base cost to minimise capital gains or corporation tax on a subsequent disposal .
7 Miss Scrimgeour had received one at the same time .
8 Tight in his hand he held the silver coin that Dad had given him at the front door .
9 Rangers , though , deserved some fortune because they had enjoyed none at the other end .
10 He had gagged for hours following the ordeal , convinced that one of the dog 's hairs had lodged itself at the very back of his throat where his fingers were unable to reach .
11 She projected a kind of agelessness , which had made her at the same time an object of attention from both the Young Women 's Fitness Class and the Over-50s Club .
12 However , it seemed the news that a low-class woman had presented herself at the back door alerted Master Jobbernole to the possible reason for her presence and its consequences .
13 Somehow — it did not seem diplomatic to enquire too deeply just how — he had missed her at the arranged spot .
14 If he had played me at the same age he 'd have given me three blacks start and a beating .
15 Fifty people ( the other thirty had disengaged themselves at the first mention of Dickens ) were now taking tea in the gardens of the Albion Hotel under the shelter of parasols .
16 Saskia had thrown something at the third and hit it on the head .
17 Miss Coldharbour had recruited her at the last moment to help serve supper for Canon Wheeler 's guests who included the Bishop and the Earl of Medewich and Markham .
18 They 've castrated him at the same time
19 Most schools have appointed someone at the middle management level or above ( see Figure 1 ) .
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