Example sentences of "[verb] [conj] [pron] [verb] [pron] the " in BNC.

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1 There were a man that used to come and they called him the gauger well we would likely call him the customs officer now .
2 ‘ That will get stolen , ’ the minister of health exclaims when I show him the picture of the pressure cooker that is meant to be used as a steriliser in the dispensaries .
3 Then later , couple of months later when we found that list checked that we understood what the list meant and we presented that list to our church meeting .
4 After being swamped by people demanding that we give them the freebie SEAL course , we have , after long and difficult nights of deliberation , come to a decision .
5 The group assumes that everyone knows what the objectives are .
6 Equation ( 7.6 ) assumes that we know what the UK and US inflation rates will be over the course of the year .
7 What would you do if I gave you the jade ?
8 It does n't matter if we get them the wrong way round it 'll still work out .
9 But wait till you see what the old man did to some of the interior . "
10 She had obviously forgiven him now for all those cruel but necessary things he had said when he dropped her the year before .
11 ‘ I 'm buggered if I know what the point is , ’ said Wilcox sourly .
12 But he complains that I give him the impression that I am holding back and am not fully committed .
13 It does n't follow that he knows what the matter is — ‘ honestly , though , I do n't know what 's wrong with me , ’ he adds .
14 Well I suppose I 'm sure Adrian wo n't mind if I paid him the day after or a week after or something .
15 The right hon. and learned Gentleman nodded when I asked him the same question earlier , but he has not said how he will ensure fairness between schools and therefore , no discrimination against students with special needs .
16 She paused and then went on in the same proud tone she had used when she showed them the bathroom , ‘ Mr Evans is a very important man .
17 I have heard there are more than two ways you can have it and it works out cheaper the more you get if you have it the other way .
18 Just tell him what we want him to give us , you know if he gave us the advance nod on something then we could either you know deal it exclusive or we 'll put it all round , you know , whichever they prefer .
19 Ginny wondered how he would react if she told him the simple truth .
20 And I think what the Council 's got to do and I think what the what the what the theatre perhaps has to do is only make that leisure card more easily acceptable and available and also look upon the reductions that we give but that perhaps is a way of actually rewarding the people in Harlow to use the theatre and the contribution in actually paying for it at the expense of the people coming in from outside who perhaps do n't pay anything towards the expense of the theatre .
21 Tenderness is just something that women like because it gives them the upper hand .
22 Merrill protested as she handed him the file .
23 ‘ The man is saying that you keep the noise down , and I am saying that you do what the man says . ’
24 Implicitly , the Government was saying that it knew what the problems were , and how they could be tackled .
25 Traditionally , every spring , a campaign is launched , but this year we must hold a special campaign to ensure that everybody knows what the way ahead will be .
26 Yes Chairman , of the hundred and sixty thousand plus cost , erm , part of the contribution by the major servicing committee , and I understand that they advised me the balance has been made from local contributions , and charitable sources .
27 My point is , I 'm being silly , facetious , my point is , the more you have contacts with people , the more they understand that you understand what the thing is all about and are likely to deliver the goods in a way that is useful , the easier it is .
28 you can write down these words , that would then be given you a clue things that you could be saying to your customers , where , right , if you start thinking about the job that you 're doing and I give you the word where , right you think of the number of times you can use the word where , with a customer , right
29 Think , for example , about Scottish dancing , which one comes to understand as one learns what the right steps are .
30 That is what will happen when we get what the hon. Gentleman describes as the raw data .
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