Example sentences of "[verb] [conj] [pron] [verb] [pron] [art] " in BNC.

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1 I 'd forgotten that I pay you a salary !
2 Hanging around with the photographer sparked Tony 's interest in the medium , ‘ It was a combination of things ; one was the bull , the adventure , the romance , and I really found that I liked it a lot .
3 There were a man that used to come and they called him the gauger well we would likely call him the customs officer now .
4 Yes erm I do n't know if I mentioned you a question properly er right there were young lads in there they be young lads in that lodge do this and they jump up and they make a decision quickly .
5 We rose and he took me a short distance to Bread Street .
6 What would Fen say if she gave him a truthful answer , told him that Hugh had done her a good turn , jilted her before she could make the most dreadful mistake of her life ?
7 I already had permission to search all the surrounding fields , so I waited until the field was harvested before I gave it a thorough going over with my detector .
8 The older man 's bushy grey brows rose as he shot her a penetrating glance .
9 ‘ That will get stolen , ’ the minister of health exclaims when I show him the picture of the pressure cooker that is meant to be used as a steriliser in the dispensaries .
10 Then later , couple of months later when we found that list checked that we understood what the list meant and we presented that list to our church meeting .
11 I mean once I know what a thing is
12 My mum and dad deny that they make them a brew , but when I get home there 's usually 20 dirty cups outside the door . ’
13 It was touching to me to see how she would sometimes act helpless because she loved him being , as he often was , masterful with her , as well as tender ; and for his part it was easy to see that he thought her a wonderful woman and admired every inch of her .
14 I 'm unashamed to report that I enjoyed it a lot , and I 'm sure I would have loved it as a child .
15 He astounded his American masters by demanding that they give him a more worthwhile job or he would be on his way home .
16 After being swamped by people demanding that we give them the freebie SEAL course , we have , after long and difficult nights of deliberation , come to a decision .
17 She says that they gave them every assistance possible .
18 Erm it was felt that it warranted something a lot stronger than that .
19 The group assumes that everyone knows what the objectives are .
20 Equation ( 7.6 ) assumes that we know what the UK and US inflation rates will be over the course of the year .
21 Once I had said that I found it a lot easier to speak to her .
22 As long as you can show that they owed you a legal duty to be careful and have been negligent , damages could come your way .
23 Erm yes three pictures that you might like to sell if you give me a price for them .
24 When Sir Oliver suggests asking eight or ten per cent on the loan , Mr Moses says if he asks him no more than that his impersonation will be discovered .
25 But Basil encouraged and even found some tiny portion of my painting which could be developed though he agreed that I might copy more easily than imagine and he gave me a mounted butterfly to draw .
26 How would you feel if you knitted yourself a nice little doll , out of the most expensive yarn you could buy , and spent the best years of your life working on it to make it as perfect as you could — then it suddenly got up and walked away and turned into something different ? ’
27 Here ref , what would you do if I called you a plonker ?
28 What would you do if I gave you the jade ?
29 It does n't matter if we get them the wrong way round it 'll still work out .
30 It does n't matter if we do it a little bit before you do it at school because when you do it you 'll understand then and you can get a lot from it you can ask
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