Example sentences of "[verb] [prep] [pron] at the [det] " in BNC.

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1 ‘ Here , ’ she says thickly , handing me a joint while she rolls the ice cube round in her mouth and tries to breathe through it at the same time .
2 Zach told her his age , which was nine , and spelt out his name , apologizing for it at the same time .
3 These ledgers can be easily subdivided , enabling several clerks to work on them at the same time and it is also easier to withdraw old accounts and insert new ones in their place .
4 She stared at the book-filled wall above the desk , then turned back , seeing how he was looking past her at the same spot .
5 you might be able to do it off that , you wo n't be able to listen to it at the same time
6 But I think there 's also the other end of the scale which is , which is what , you 've slightly amended this year , is the fact of elderly people erm , I know recently that myself have gone through the fact of my gran had er , was going through a very sick period , and if she 'd have come back home , it would have been very difficult for me to have had to look after her at the same time as trying to attend my council duties , and this would have been the same for my dad , and the additional income which this would have brought , to have paid someone to be able to look after her whilst we were at council meetings , and you can remember that these meetings sometimes go on , you can say well , this meeting should be over by one o'clock then it goes on till three o'clock or whatever , and then peop , the problems mount up for that person left on their own , and I think that those things have to be taken into consideration , and I believe that this is the first step forward in trying to recognise that people have responsibilities outside of the council chamber .
7 Exactly the same thing happened to me at the same stage when I was pregnant . ’
8 A year later to the day he had proposed to her at the same table .
9 For she would carry on with her chores and talk to them at the same time .
10 To and fro , weaving , sometimes tied back to the point , moving from point to point , guided by Jennifer , each woman deeply involved with the dual effort of formulating an opinion and arguing for it at the same time .
11 The issue , the point I 'm trying to make is that in talking for all of the bodies , whether I 'm talking about for the council or whether I 'm talking about them at the same time or separately , one thing I 'm not doing is talking from my point of view .
12 The famous Tiller discretion was instilled into them at the same time as their routines and with equal thoroughness .
13 I have seen him striding through Soho eating a sandwich and talking to himself at the same time , oblivious to the cars and traffic and noise around him , deep in thought .
14 ‘ Well , you know , like he says he was coming up to you — this is the way I look at it — coming up to ask you to lend , say , a lawnmower , right — this is when he 's no drunk , ordinary sober , you know — and he 'll be walking up to you and thinking about it at the same time .
15 No , we both like pizzas , but to dream about them at the same time , and he 's screaming out in his sleep , get me a pizza
16 A copy of the report must also be sent to him at the same time that it is sent to the Secretary of State , and he then has twenty-one days in which to decide whether he will ask for a review board to examine the whole matter in public .
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