Example sentences of "[verb] [verb] at the same time " in BNC.

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1 But if the average size of a household has fallen at the same time ( this has happened in the UK ) then the income of each person in a household may have risen .
2 If you use windows it is worth putting applications that you might need to use at the same time on different drives .
3 Moreover , the P cepacia problem has emerged at the same time as social networks have developed between adult patients with CF , and their families ; many individuals have derived great mutual benefit from these contacts , which provide for most of their social activity .
4 The idea is to order everything you want to eat at the same time , then work your way through the tower of baskets .
5 We have just noted how local politics in Britain has recently become more diversified , but , as Chapter 4 pointed out , this has happened at the same time as political power has become increasingly centralized .
6 When a big shoal is feeding dozens of bream can be seen rolling at the same time , all facing the same way .
7 We 'd started at the same time .
8 She is saying that this good thing , this knowledge , can be used — to tell us , for example , that Amis is not a Tudor writer : but she is rather more moved to say at the same time that it ca n't or can hardly be used , devoted as she is to the thought of a separation between , in this case , Amis 's friendships and politics , his life — and his art .
9 And somehow all her own reservations and objections seemed to evaporate at the same time .
10 In this way , all her eggs begin developing at the same time .
11 We would only need to witness a marked increase in trade and there will certainly be an increase in demand why do you think trade has increased ? and trade is n't a necessary condition it 's just that trade has tended to grow at the same time as erm as demand is growing .
12 Timed to appear at the same time as the major Ramsay exhibition in Edinburgh and London , and well in advance of the same author 's catalogue raisonné , this must be one of the year 's most persuasive monographs .
13 Perhaps the second fragment had become detached at the same time and simply fallen to the ground where she had picked it up .
14 He arranged to return at the same time the next day to set about identifying the traitor in Tuwaithah .
15 His next-door neighbours , who are getting married at the same time , also booked with Darlington Wedding Cars but they too have changed their booking .
16 They both began to speak at the same time , and Fen gestured to her to go first .
17 It may have formed at the same time as Coed y Brenin .
18 you do have to remember at the same time that these documents would be going home and
19 The refusal is as understandable as it is naive , but seems to constitute at the same time what amounts to an abnegation of intellectual curiosity about human needs .
20 Gp Capt R C Hockey sent Air Mail the excellent photograph of what happened at Kinloss on a dark night in October 1943 when an Anson was approaching to land at the same time — and on the same bit of field — as a Whitley was just starting its take-off run .
21 However , if all members of a group went swimming at the same time and left valuables unattended , that would be an unnecessary risk where no real precautions had been taken and would be a breach of the duty of care .
22 Why so many of the other directors chose to sell at the same time is not known to me .
23 " Your beauty , " ( Miles bit into the toast and crunched it up , managing to smile at the same time ) , " coming so early in the morning , and so on , is totally confusing .
24 Should two adjacent needles try to tuck at the same time , there is nothing between these two needles to actually hold the loops on to the individual needles , so the loops become just one loop , which often falls off both needles .
25 but you hate to think at the same time what happened how they were burning you hate to think of
26 You can be truly successful this year , especially if you have learned to diversify at the same time as pursuing the well-beaten track to your objectives .
27 Not every Merovingian queen was as forceful as Fredegund , and the sons of various queens or concubines did inherit at the same time .
28 MAKE everyone in the house agree to breakfast at the same time so you ( a ) get a clear kitchen , and ( b ) know you can get some help .
29 Local residents again pointed out that so far all the dust that had blown had come from one three-acre section of the lake : ‘ The worry is that if it 's not attended to and if the entire 150 acres rise up and start blowing at the same time it could be a national disaster .
30 The trouble with this is that , although the plants are meant to bloom at the same time , invariably some flower later or earlier , and ruin the whole carefully thought-out scheme .
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