Example sentences of "[verb] [adv] [prep] [art] [noun] [conj] " in BNC.

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1 Ivy crept slowly up the walls before the house had even noticed she was there .
2 At first sight this degree of fluidity in the Japanese labour market sits uneasily with the presumption that employment is for life because this would make wages a quasi-fixed cost .
3 So , we bang on about the play and the staging and the big themes , and , if there 's any space left , then , as the chairman of Critics ' Forum wearily intones , ‘ I suppose we ought to say something about the performances . ’
4 Innocently replying ‘ yes ’ , he found himself propelled on to the committee and later into the vice-chairmanship .
5 ‘ With the Hendrix show the work goes right across the range and it covers all the bases . ’
6 The Clapis area is reached by taking the road to the Col du Cayron , just before Gigondas , then a forestry road which goes right at the col and contours round the hill .
7 Now there 's the machine is g there the laminated copper er these commutators and it 's on main shaft that goes right through the generator and the turbine .
8 Leaving Sagaing for our return journey by boat to Prome we got on to a sandbank and had to wait there until two tugs pulled us off .
9 ‘ I got on to the hospital and then the local police lab and said I was from her insurance company and we operated a no pay clause if drink-driving was involved . ’
10 Conversation , not only on that day , got on to An Adventure and would not easily get off it , though we wished to be speaking of other things .
11 Morley 's subjects were delightful , talented young people , clearly , who got on with the job and threatened no one .
12 I 'm anxious to know how they got on in the woods because Otley 's always nice going in and nasty when we 're coming out .
13 On the contrary , it was precisely the excessive femininity , laid on with a trowel as it were , that created the effect of someone pretending to be a woman , someone in fact rather desperately hoping to be taken for one .
14 He successfully reformed the service on the Continent , setting up fixed and regular posts for the speeding on of the portmantle or packet , in place of the irregular messengers and carriers who had travelled the whole distance .
15 Continue working up the graph , row by row , again knitting right on the right and left on the left .
16 He was relying on the earlier case of Nichol v Martyn [ 1799 ] 2 Esp 732 , but in Wessex Dairies Ltd v Smith [ 1935 ] 2 KB 80 Maugham LJ cast doubt on both those judgments and so far as the modern law is concerned they should not be relied on to the extent that they indicate the employee can canvass or issue circulars to customers of his employer before he leaves .
17 Trucks would come hurtling down the hill , their brakes would fail , and they 'd plough right through the wall and on into the field beyond .
18 Situated right on the beach and in the lively ‘ Golden Zone ’ , a wide variety of boutiques , restaurants , bars and discos lie practically at your doorstep !
19 Situated right on the lakeside and next to the picturesque harbour in the centre of Menaggio , is the Hotel Bellavista .
20 His objective had to be to drive on through the tumult and horror as best they could , not to get involved with individuals or groups , not to be sidetracked , so as to reach that further side , there to turn and repeat the dire process , difficult as this must be .
21 In practical terms this means The Fix can be placed in a horizontal crack with a large proportion of the stem sticking out and fallen on in the knowledge that the device has been specifically designed to give an increased safety margin .
22 The people were so strong in the faith for which their forebears had fought and suffered ; their steadfastness and courage , handed down through the ages , lived on in the men and women who only a few years ago had defied the invader of their homeland .
23 I appreciated the very great honour of being asked — Coronation opera and all that — but I knew that my voice had been punished mercilessly during the war and I had , indeed , decided to retire from the opera stage .
24 While suspicion as to the source of the leakage had fallen on a variety of people , I agreed wholeheartedly with the decision that Wilson , and presumably the National Executive , had arrived at .
25 Secondly , in dry summers the L3 are retained within the crusted faecal pat and can not migrate on to the pasture until sufficient rainfall occurs to moisten the pat .
26 Twelve days later I received a call from an exultant Sylvia who told me that , on the previous evening , she had in fact managed to go right into the cupboard and switch off the light .
27 it be known then for that squad just to go right through the gambit and become a fully fledged riveter 's squad and work for their days as a squad ?
28 That little faith went on to go right round the world and it 's here today .
29 Bring slowly to the boil and simmer for 5–6 hours topping up the saucepan with boiling water from time to time .
30 I think we had better try and influence that as churches not that we should about the suffering that goes on about the death that goes on , but I think we ought to give all this another dimension in churches .
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