Example sentences of "[verb] [pron] and at the same " in BNC.

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1 But I ca n't explain it , it 's as if the devil himself is down there , and there 's this horrible smell that chokes you and at the same time you get the feeling that something evil is lying in wait for you .
2 As American supplies could only effectively reach the British , the American economy became heavily involved with that of the Allies , benefiting them and at the same time making considerable profits for American businessmen .
3 … must nine warriors , having nine spears , with a ten furrows ' Width between them and him , assail him and at the same time let fly at him .
4 She hit her and at the same time as she hit her she virtually came to a er , a stop because of the fact she wa she started to brake as soon as she saw the the children appear er , but ne never the less contact was made but thankfully for her and for the child the the contact was a a at no significant speed , the child was just knocked off her feet and she got up and waved to Mrs and said I 'm alright and she ran off and she was away before Mrs had time , even to undo her safety belt to get out of the car .
5 The cut may be made with little or no apparent awareness , the patient suddenly discovering that she has cut herself and at the same time experiencing a sense of relief .
6 Many diptera bask in sunlight inside flowers , warming themselves and at the same time facilitating pollination ; hordes settle on conspicuous dark or bright surfaces when air temperatures are low , and beetles collect on sunny patches of ground that are sheltered from wind , indicating a constant need for warming .
7 The MPRP needs to improve itself and at the same time if new parties are formed for the interest of the people and the country , they should be competing on equal terms . "
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