Example sentences of "[verb] [pron] [noun sg] at the same " in BNC.

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1 In his rage he declared war on the whole animal tribe , swearing that he would exterminate the lot of them , and recapture his daughter at the same time .
2 1869 ] and finish my doctorate at the same time . "
3 England 's under-16 side opened their section at the same venue with an impressive 8–0 victory over Scotland after scoring six goals before the interval .
4 The main disadvantage to direct use lies in the fact that supply reaches its maximum at the same time as demand is at its minimum .
5 The Chairmaster shrugged his shoulders and shook his head at the same time , finally dislodging the reluctant wig .
6 Disillusion me and get my sympathy at the same time .
7 And Harriet Shakespeare , stumbling over the rough ground towards them , raised her voice at the same moment and yelled , ‘ Tug darling , it 's all right .
8 Gozitan legend says that a giantess built the temples single-handed , suckling her baby at the same time .
9 And Goldberg , pushing the hair out of his eyes and wiping his face at the same time with his sleeve , pushed away the typewriter , pulled the pad towards him , seized the felt-tip pen , and wrote : He later admitted that he had merely said between seventeen and eighteen as a manner of speaking .
10 and she was having her drink at the same time
11 The constable grabbed it from him and grabbed his arm at the same time .
12 That piece of toast you grab in the morning while trying to tidy the kitchen and brush your hair at the same time .
13 Too many things demanded his attention at the same rime .
14 Uttering a low , violent oath , he grabbed Isabel 's arm and yanked her behind him , drawing his sword at the same time .
15 But he said it loud enough for the whole restaurant to be convulsed and Ken to enjoy his audience at the same time .
16 He also claimed that an attempt had been made to kill his son at the same site in Castlerock , where he was shot dead a week later .
17 She paused , collecting her thoughts and studying his face at the same time .
18 It could n't be easy to cope with the emotional strain of a missing husband and do his job at the same time .
19 Almost violently , she raised her body , ducking her head at the same time , her feverish lips seeking the scorching lure of his again , the demand for his kiss born out of an intuitive need to let him silence her , so that he might not hear the words and other sounds which would tell him just how complete his dominion of her senses already was .
20 Arty 's voice thickened and blurred into animal grunts as he tried to speak and extend his tongue at the same time .
21 This is not easy , however , because the male has to build the nest and guard his partner at the same time .
22 Styles and dries your hair at the same time
23 And raise your profile at the same time .
24 Students will already know that there are jobs in work areas such as Electronics and Physiotherapy where the subject requirements are quite specific and those who decide to enrol for one of these courses will have effectively chosen their career at the same time .
25 I stole a quick sidelong glance , and saw him turn his head at the same instant to look at me and give a faint smile .
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