Example sentences of "[verb] [pron] [noun sg] [prep] the same " in BNC.

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1 Play another sound effect — perhaps a door opening , keys jangling , a car moving off , a bomb exploding , or a dog barking — and it becomes difficult not to link the two sounds together and make them part of the same story .
2 You know , she 'd say , they cook their cabbage in the same water as the bacon .
3 In his rage he declared war on the whole animal tribe , swearing that he would exterminate the lot of them , and recapture his daughter at the same time .
4 The boy bowed again , enjoying her astonishment in the same way he had enjoyed the applause of the T'ang earlier that day when he had played Tsu Tiao .
5 That is to say , Libyans whose families had settled in the cities some generations before were perhaps exempt from this process ; but the majority of Libyans made their history in the same way , and shared this picture of the past .
6 The proportion of issues in dollars dropped in 1990 to 39.5% from 56% in 1989 , while yen bonds doubled their share in the same period , to 12% .
7 Women even cut their hair in the same style .
8 The government , publishing its reply on the same day , stated that it had no legal liability to pay compensation , rejected the report 's assertions that actions fell short of the standards appropriate to the regulator , and further asserted that the general handling of the licensing of the Barlow Clowes partnership was careful and considerate .
9 Nucella , as we have seen , is a genus of temporate intertidal thaids , feeding for preference on barnacles and mussels ( which they attack by boring a hole through the shell of their victim and subsequently inserting their proboscis through the same hole in order to feed ) , and lacking a planktonic phase in their life cycle .
10 Perhaps she had known it would happen , perhaps he had answered her call for the same reason .
11 Horses out riding can show their intolerance for the same daily routine and their need for excitement .
12 1869 ] and finish my doctorate at the same time . "
13 For although the chairman of the University Grants Committee , Edward Parkes , may have received his well-earned knighthood at the end of the year — in a batch meanly thin , as usual , on honours for the scientific community — many of the nation 's academics will never see their profession in the same rosy light .
14 England 's under-16 side opened their section at the same venue with an impressive 8–0 victory over Scotland after scoring six goals before the interval .
15 Given the number of mergers that have happened over recent years , it 's becoming a rare event when a firm can celebrate its centenary with the same name it started out with .
16 By the end of The Order of Things , however , he revises this somewhat conventional thesis to suggest that what was involved was not so much a move from a static to a historical view of things as the break-up of a common , unified historical time-scheme in which every phenomenon had had its place in the same space and chronology .
17 And many instrumental solos in popular music owe their form to the same conceptualization .
18 For some types of find , scientific methods are useful in the process of analysis , but most specialists begin their analysis in the same basic way .
19 The main disadvantage to direct use lies in the fact that supply reaches its maximum at the same time as demand is at its minimum .
20 Having decided on the story , theme or music , choreographers should consider some vital rules of theatre and construct their ballet in the same way that authors and composers work out their books and compositions .
21 The Salvation Army in Canada was celebrating its centenary around the same time as Sri Lanka .
22 The Chairmaster shrugged his shoulders and shook his head at the same time , finally dislodging the reluctant wig .
23 Your letter was a great joy to me , a message from another human being who approaches his work with the same seriousness as I do mine , and who has consequently suffered as much under the insanities of our time …
24 Disillusion me and get my sympathy at the same time .
25 Erm in the American system of government the state governments draw their authority from the same source as the federal government , that is the constitution of the United States .
26 And Harriet Shakespeare , stumbling over the rough ground towards them , raised her voice at the same moment and yelled , ‘ Tug darling , it 's all right .
27 Oliver Napier of the Alliance party thereupon wrote an open letter to the people of the Republic calling their attention to the same matters .
28 Both wanted to extend their influence in the same region .
29 Gozitan legend says that a giantess built the temples single-handed , suckling her baby at the same time .
30 Now that he had arrived at the wildest part of Britain , he wished to use his adventure in the same spirit as that in which Montaigne wrote his famous Essais — as trials of himself , as investigations of the ideas that arose in the non-stop chatter of his mind .
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