Example sentences of "[verb] [pron] [verb] [adv prt] [prep] the " in BNC.

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1 Still , it was great to see them go back into the wild when they were old enough . ’
2 And the only thing I need to ask you about is that bloody great , bloody great memo , I 've said it so I 'll say it again it 's pinned up in my old tutor 's room what do you want me to put down on the document for the record of achievement on attendance ?
3 On the morrow the Cid took Doña Ximena by the hand , and her daughters with her , and made them go up upon the highest tower of the Alcazar , and they looked toward the sea and saw the great power of the Moors , how they came on and drew nigh , and began to pitch their tents round about Valencia , beating their tambours and with great uproar .
4 Loud cries of surprise from the hall made them run out of the cloakroom , where they were trying to find their coats and berets .
5 A noisily closing door made them glance up at the ship 's sunlit bridge .
6 She tied a big red-and-white-striped drying-up cloth around each of their waists and made them kneel up to the table on chairs .
7 Vern wandered slowly in front taking not a blind bit of notice of me , not even when I shouted at the long-beaked birds and made them flap up into the air crying like out-of-tune seagulls .
8 She used the cry of her voice to draw them to her , allowing them first to fly away and then encouraging them to swoop back at the height of their arc of flight .
9 We 're told it 's a very close thing , the decision not to participate erm and there were certain technical and theoretical reasons , I think , that led them to come down on the side of not .
10 I do n't want them growing up like the Hales .
11 But I did not want them to stay out in the cold all night , so I kept my window open to look out for them .
12 What do we want them to get out of the advertising ?
13 Accordingly it is interesting to speculate to what extent these attitudes have caused British businessmen to adopt short time-horizons in making decisions — with negative consequences for longer-term growth performance — because their main objective is to acquire sufficient wealth to enable them to move on to the better things in life .
14 I met Charlie , and he asked me to come along to the Mothering Day Service .
15 One of the factors that led me to sign up with the DIA was the idea that I might be able to do something for my friend Jerry Levin , who had been taken hostage in Beirut by Hezbollah , but as it happened he was released before I got out there .
16 I had not looked through those volumes for many years , until these recent developments led me to get down from the shelf the Devon and Cornwall volume once more .
17 It was my ex who got me fixed up with the job ; Dizzy owed him , and he owed me maintenance for Jed , and I wanted to get away from town and get involved in something where I could start to 69 respect myself again … everything kind of fitted into place .
18 As far as I 'm concerned , the residents come first ; and I expect every member of staff to understand that , right through from helping them get up in the morning to taking someone off to bingo if she wants to go .
19 This has been pointed out by Lind ( 1983 : 271 ) , who adduces the following examples to show that there is " no correlation between active participation and omission of to " : ( 23 ) … he said briefly , helping me climb in through the rear window .
20 Suddenly there were policemen everywhere who ran into the suite and made everyone get up against the wall with their hands above their heads .
21 This telephone call made me think back over the years .
22 You see , it was really my dad that made me go along with the Church , even though he did n't really involve himself .
23 Charles told her about his movements on the Sunday night , concluding , ‘ … so it must have been the arrival of Nigel 's car that made me run out of the place . ’
24 Something made me glance over to the long french windows leading to the back verandah , and there she was : Poppy , dressed from head to foot in black .
25 The court usher appeared then and asked them to move out into the corridor .
26 I hoped it was just a passing phase , sparked off by her catching me fooling around in the Plaster Room , and thanked my guardian angel for the way Old Red had just covered up for me .
27 I mean I shout up to the bathroom , I mean
28 Well she l she lived I think up on the hill above here .
29 ‘ That 's the easiest way of getting your firewood — cut the trees at the edge of the forest and send them rolling down to the bottom .
30 ‘ Does Faye … or Dr Greene … want me to go in to the hospital ? ’
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