Example sentences of "to do be for " in BNC.

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1 Well I 'll I 'll erm Well if you 've got the insurance the be the best thing to do is for me to tell them when you 've actually been done .
2 Liverpool Labour group member George Knibb said : ‘ What we are asking you to do is for what you believe in for the miners to commit yourselves to for your own workforce . ’
3 What our staffing levels do n't allow us to do is for the care assistants to have the time they would like just to spend talking to elderly people , talking them write letters , get in touch with their relatives .
4 Probably what the best thing to do is for for for managers to sit when Vicky comes back I 'll fill in for anyone who reports to me .
5 The other bearers took the traditional view that the right thing to do was for Yussuf to get rid of her and find another one ; but for reasons known only to himself Yussuf was reluctant to do this .
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