Example sentences of "place at the " in BNC.

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1 She ‘ knew ’ that ‘ she had come to a place at the end of the world ’ , a backwater where there was no action at all .
2 Thus many of the elements of the familiar Victorian pub were already in place at the time of William IV 's death in 1837 .
3 A celebration of the food and wines of Spain will take place at the Brasserie on the Park at The Park Lane Hotel , Piccadilly , London , between 16 and 29 September .
4 ‘ I 've told you before — if you want to keep your place at the vicarage , you ca n't go around saying such unchristian things .
5 This will take place at the Midlands Arts Centre at 5pm on Thursday 3 October , and the discussion will be led by Terry Staples , who programmes the childrens films for the London Film Festival , and Lewis Rudd , Controller Young Peoples ' Programmes at Central Television , with other invited educationalists and childrens ' programme makers .
6 For example , a 30 second live report which is due to take place at the same time as Martina Navratilova is about to serve for the match can be both a reporter 's dream and a producer 's nightmare .
7 Delivery of the final members of the class was still taking place at the end of the decade , but the early members had by then settled into their routine of West Coast InterCity push-pull passenger duties with similarlooking new driving van trailers at the opposite end , plus freights from the North to the East Coast ports via the newly electrified North London link .
8 Marko Radoman , 103 , and a veteran of both Balkan wars , was given a place at the front as one of the few with personal memories of Nicholas 's reign .
9 Celeste Hinds , mother of a Down 's syndrome child , took her place at the rostrum , dominated overhead by SPUC 's ubiquitous emblem : the crying foetus .
10 Well , Tam has asked the question but answered it elsewhere , writing that Crossman 's ‘ sense of his own position in the elite of the nation never deserted him ’ , and that ‘ he seldom if ever had any doubts about his place at the very epicentre of the British Establishment ’ .
11 But I know this ; if it is going to work , there is no argument that denies Britain a place at the leading edge of what is happening .
12 Last night a benefit concert was set to take place at the Bristol Bierkeller , featuring Extreme Noise Terror , perhaps Britain 's foremost thrash band , now legendary for turning out songs which clock in at under one second .
13 Sid finished his cigarette and took his place at the Bren gun .
14 The launch took place at the site of the Trust 's first major project , a disused clay pit at Bean , near Dartford , where work has started to create an 80 acre country park .
15 Some activities take place at the centre — initial canoe training is in the swimming pool and on the small lakes in the grounds .
16 In his place at the Treasury came the younger , almost reckless , figure of Nigel Lawson , an able former financial journalist and apparently still a nominal enthusiast for monetarism .
17 These were organised by Roger Draper , and took place at The Hong Kong Arts Centre ( 17 Nov ) , The City Hall Concert Hall ( 21 Nov ) and the Hong Kong Cultural Centre Concert Hall ( 25 Nov ) .
18 I genuinely liked them as people , I loved their music , and I was in exactly the right place at the right time .
19 The Bank men , their first-class tickets ensuring a place at the front of the queue for immigration formalities , wasted no time in getting through the airport and were quickly ferried by car along the narrow road into the city .
20 it existed , in reality , because Ford needed something special to tempt people into their showrooms and Shelby was in the right place at the right time to provide it .
21 Sport resumed its place at the centre of male culture providing familiar landmarks for private lives , giving a kind of chronology or structure to the year .
22 From that moment , I never doubted that God had put the right man , Vitalis , in the right place at the appropriate time .
23 THE EXTENT of the philosophical shift taking place at the top of the Metropolitan Police was illustrated in a speech delivered by Sir Peter Imbert to the International Police Exhibition and Conference in London at the end of September .
24 The Association of Tennis Professionals yesterday announced that its end-of-season doubles championship next year will take place at the Sanctuary Cove resort near Brisbane in Australia .
25 Vagog was struggling in fourth place at the last where Lady Westown , going the best , fell and brought down Parlezvousfrancais .
26 Victory would have secured Jarryd his place at the top of the points table , a feat worth £110,000 .
27 On January 24 1987 a demonstration with 12,000 to 15,000 demonstrators took place at the premises of newspaper proprietors in Wapping and there were many arrests .
28 The confrontation took place at the Chi Ma Wan island detention centre , which houses those believed to be next in line for deportation .
29 The buttons of her cardigan were correctly done up and the collar flattened neatly , the zip of the skirt was in its proper place at the side and her tattered bedroom slippers had been replaced with a tidy pair of court shoes , the wrong colour for the skirt .
30 Though the conference was to take place at the State Department , the council is a purely private body , the brainchild of Johnson Smick International , a firm of Washington consultants .
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