Example sentences of "place at [adj] " in BNC.

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1 The most controversial change of auditors of the past two years took place at Prudential Corporation .
2 Production of ferrochrome , an alloy of chromium and iron , takes place at Consolidated Metallurgical Industries ( CMI ) , a facility in which JCI have a direct 49.9 per cent holding .
3 The process takes place at low temperatures .
4 In 1824 they removed to a more commodious place at Lower Hareston and let Hareston Manor to a succession of tenant farmers .
5 In some respects it could be argued that diminishing populations need not necessarily be unwelcome in the cities : renewal can take place at lower densities and much needed environmental improvements can take place .
6 The Firm arrange to meet at John 's place at nine that night .
7 Injections of " capital " from this source will probably differ wildly from one partner to the next and so , taking the generalised capital clause at its face value , adjustments to capital sharing ratios will appear to be taking place at annual intervals , whereas no change at all will have been intended by the partners .
8 Substantial job cuts have also taken place at major firms over the last two years including Cummins , Cleveland Structural and Whessoe .
9 Montreal was catching up with developments which had taken place at many American stations earlier in the century .
10 Discussion of the need to introduce certain Western political , economic and social practices would appear to have taken place at many levels of society .
11 There were special services to commemorate the Queen 's death in 1901 as well as ‘ United Communion Services ’ which took place at each National Council .
12 This typification does not imply that work would not take place at each of the four levels , in each policy context ( though it may , indeed , take different forms and receive different priorities ) .
13 Subject to sub-paragraph ( iii ) below , when the Parliamentary Labour Party is in opposition in the House of Commons the election of the party leader and deputy leader shall take place at each annual party conference .
14 As a result , directives were issued that on flag-flying days hoisting should take place at 8 am .
15 Enrolment will take place at one of the University 's four campuses — at Coleraine , Jordanstown , Belfast or Magee College , Londonderry .
16 It is obvious that we should have talks but I am not willing to be told that the talks can only take place at one location and I am not willing to accept an invitation to a slanging match .
17 A guidance episode necessarily takes place at one point in time within the developing skills and experience of the client .
18 CLIFF PLACE at one time led to the beach and the bankers .
19 But this is not just any conference : it 's apparently going to be the greatest ever gathering of world leaders in one place at one time .
20 Flavia looked and listened as if to events taking place at one remove .
21 My mother 's hat , I thought , would have looked very out of place at one of those Nilotic feasts .
22 I stood on tip-toes to look round the hall ; a paper-plane battle seemed to be taking place at one end .
23 The biggest gathering or world leaders in one place at one time , and the biggest bonanza that the muggers of Rio de Janeiro will ever have experienced .
24 In the traditional archive the storage of documents and their use usually took place at one location , but this need not be the pattern of organisation maintained for electronic archives .
25 Amongst the challenges faced by P&O Distribution was the task of moving two giant bronze hands , weighing in at around five tonnes and valued at £50,000 safely through the heart of London to their resting place at one of the entrances to Chelsea Harbour .
26 ‘ It is wonderful that this tournament will take place at one of the hotbeds of football in Europe .
27 Much business took place at second hand , and by delegates , and the curia was not anxious to investigate every case on the spot .
28 SIR Edward Heath will conduct a choir of MPs and Peers during Britain 's first Carolothon which takes place at Central Hall , Westminster , on Thursday next week .
29 The launch is going to take place at central police station
30 To achieve efficiency , pruning of low-scoring readings may take place at certain points without greatly affecting the accuracy of the system .
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