Example sentences of "place the [adj] " in BNC.

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1 We have achieved a better than expected pro-forma combined profit and Stoddard Sekers is now putting in place the strategic plans to enable it to grow strongly both organically and by acquisition ’ .
2 We made our place the upper glens and moorlands of Scotland in the north where Men could less easily find us .
3 The protests continued and in early April , in an effort to contain the mounting unrest , King Birendra dismissed the Prime Minister , Marich Man Singh Shrestha , and appointed in his place the moderate Lokendra Bahadur Chand .
4 In his place the cool , detached Dane who had taken nothing she had n't been prepared to give — and given nothing she had n't been prepared to take .
5 The consequences to any patient-nurse relationship once a nurse allowed that could be as disastrous , if more excusable , as when bullying took place the other way round .
6 This reaches to the outer limits of hardcore with Carl Cox 's ‘ Rhythm Is A Drug ’ and the Wizard Of Oz 's ‘ Drowning In Your Blood Mix ’ which cleaned up at the band 's recent Heaven gig ( also backed with an ‘ Ahhhcapella ’ version which had them climbing the walls round at my place the other week ! ) .
7 Well they are erm , we got those from a place the other side of Ipswich on the Shotley peninsula , I think it says Paul Doubleday in , name of the nursery and that 's a genuine nursery , not some of these pretending to be a nursery in a garden centre , he se he grows stuff to sell to Councils and you know big organizations
8 If the original Application Form indicates that the parents are also interested in an Assisted Place the appropriate forms will be issued at this time .
9 While the Labour conference was taking place the Prime Minister had a trial run with the televising of Parliament .
10 If secondary crystallization takes place the final portion of the curve may tail away making h∞ more difficulty to measure .
11 Once in power , the armed forces immediately abolished all state institutions and established in their place the non-military State Law and Order Restoration Council ( SLORC ) and a Cabinet , most of whose members were also SLORC members , both of which were headed by Saw Maung .
12 In broad daylight , and playing a trumpet fanfare , we ceremoniously lowered the British flag and hoisted in its place the International Flag of Lesbian and Gay Liberation .
13 Here took place the famous séries , five to a season , each one lasting eight days , when 80 guests were invited at a time and it was in the drawing up of these guest lists that the Empress deployed all her social skills .
14 Wyvis Hall was the most beautiful place the seven-year-old Lewis had ever seen and the countryside was glorious .
15 That can be done only by putting in place the right conditions to create long-term , permanent jobs , long-term growth and secure jobs .
16 Into the great Sun Chamber , the legendary crystal and silver hall , the place the exiled Wolfkings had called Medchuana , stole something so delicate and so strong , and so — so beckoning thought Fenella hazily — that it was almost as if a thin , sugar-spun veil was falling over them .
17 This took place the following February , and the Labour Party , at first called the Labour Representation Committee , was formed .
18 She told me that the trial of the young man was to take place the following month and that she was , of course , the only witness .
19 Christie 's adopted a different tack , dropped its mid-season sale of Impressionist art and used contemporary art as the leader for a sale of modern British paintings and sculpture which took place the following morning ( see p. 24 ) .
20 However , a further rebel attack , in which several people were killed , took place the following day at Tonka in the Tombouctou region .
21 In all of this , the Library recognises that it can only advance in the closest possible cooperation and consultation with those organisations , most notably university departments and university libraries , which have already set in place the academic and technological infrastructure to which we hope to make an increasingly useful contribution .
22 When she was a child Liza had called the place the Secret Cove .
23 And what happened in eighty three and eighty seven of course was that the local elections take place the Conservative party managers analyzed the results , fed them through the computers and you could come up with the fact that you would , looked like you were set to win a general election .
24 In many cases , Senior Management , in Branches , put in place the operational arrangements for Lunch-time Opening , but happened to be at sumptuous ‘ development ’ lunches , when these arrangements were being implemented .
25 In a country where murders are common place the senseless killings of Julie Godwin and her friend Elizabeth Over have shocked the local community .
26 Since then I have found other uses for it in my knitting room such as to anchor down that very important latch tool and to put in place the little basin on the weighing machine which tends to flop off when I go to weigh a heavy jumper .
27 On 20 May 5 Corps had reported to Eighth Army on the meeting which had taken place the previous evening between Brig Low and Col Ivanovitch .
28 You would n't like to be chased all over the place the whole time would you ?
29 In its place the Social Fund removed the right to a grant and instituted instead a system of discretionary loans .
30 Also getting on his bike is comedian Alexi Sayle … he 's just launched the Oxfam Mountain Bike fun ride … the time is the first week in August … the place the national championships at Eastnor Park in Herefordshire
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