Example sentences of "place over a " in BNC.

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1 Altogether , tutorials take place over a period of about twenty-four weeks in the last year of a course , and usually by the last twelve tutorials a student has a much clearer idea of what he or she is about .
2 Field-work took place over a twelve-month period between 1987 and 1988 , and was sufficiently prolonged to avoid the criticism which brief ‘ smash-andgrab ’ ethnographies often deserve .
3 Iron fittings could replace wooden components gradually , allowing major alterations to take place over a long period .
4 The rebuilding of the old manor took place over a period of about five years and was probably finished in about 1727 .
5 It had to take place over a long period , in the face of a prodigious number of uncontrolled variables which were likely to confuse the outcome .
6 Because the small one-celled bacteria have a rapid reproductive rate — they may divide every five minutes — evolution can take place over a much shorter time-scale than in larger organisms .
7 Spread is slow and extension may take place over a period of months , even years .
8 In LEAs where a scheme of delegation has been in place over a period of years , the question of making more money soon arises .
9 This decline was partly masked in 1920 by an increase in deliveries , but this was because requisitioning was by then taking place over a larger area of the country as a result of the defeat of the White Guard armies .
10 Centrepiece of the design is the tall , rectangular flat diaphragm , which , produces all the treble information , and the midband area above 200Hz ( in fact there 's a slow handover which takes place over a matter of octaves ) .
11 Once a year , usually in September , the BKA holds its convention and A.G.M. which takes place over a weekend .
12 He was fastidious about his hair , which he grew long and lacquered in place over a balding pate .
13 Unlike the 1991 Rugby World Cup , which took place over a whole month , not to mention the three months build-up , thereby allowing the sponsors to develop their marketing strategy over a long period of time , the World Sevens tournament is a three-day event , with the commercial potential of a ‘ Market blink ’ , as he puts it .
14 Under the legal definition of crime , it is in theory possible to determine the number of crimes committed in any one place over a period of time .
15 Note that although the actions of the mother , father and child might well have been part of one connected incident , the cuts to the first shot of the older child and to the shot of the father getting to his feet open up the possibility that the actions could in fact have been parts of separate but similar incidents which took place over a very much longer span of time ; the shot of the father could well have been contrived specially , with the help of a little direction from the cameraman in between shots .
16 My first little skirmish took place over a film , one about rape .
17 These varying conditions , all taking place over a comparatively short time , have had spectacular effects on the evolution of the mammals of South-East Asia .
18 Instead , a number of small changes in status and recognitions of the progress towards adult status takes place over a number of years .
19 The name change was necessary , it was argued , because the original name referred to a single event that had taken place over a decade previously , that it gave the wrong image , and did n't properly describe the work being done by the organisation .
20 The solidarity of the community is strengthened … by a shared history of living and working in one place over a long period of time … .
21 Then it takes its place over a period of time within the wider teaching of the principles , planning and practice of worship , enabling the ordinand to explore the theological and practical importance of music in an appropriate context .
22 During the fluent phase , planning takes place over a larger unit than the clause .
23 But the change was n't radical , it took place over a period of er I would suggest er maybe about six or seven years .
24 As the depth is obviously restricted this form of extraction would take place over a wider area than normal but in a district like this where the overburden is thin this is no real hardship .
25 Telford 's intensive subject assessment , co-ordinated in college by Fiona Baikie , took place over a fortnight at the end of November 1989 .
26 This application is of benefit for queries to a computer that take place over a telephone and also for providing reading aids for the blind .
27 Some settlement is likely to take place over a period after the trench has been filled , but this can be filled in at a later stage .
28 The hon. Gentleman will be aware that the changes will take place over a four-year period .
29 The current project is scheduled to take place over a 5 year period , with a budget set at 500k .
30 In the beginning , the race took place over a course that included three brooks and a five foot stone wall amongst the 29 jumps .
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