Example sentences of "place at [adj] " in BNC.

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1 The most controversial change of auditors of the past two years took place at Prudential Corporation .
2 Production of ferrochrome , an alloy of chromium and iron , takes place at Consolidated Metallurgical Industries ( CMI ) , a facility in which JCI have a direct 49.9 per cent holding .
3 The process takes place at low temperatures .
4 Injections of " capital " from this source will probably differ wildly from one partner to the next and so , taking the generalised capital clause at its face value , adjustments to capital sharing ratios will appear to be taking place at annual intervals , whereas no change at all will have been intended by the partners .
5 Substantial job cuts have also taken place at major firms over the last two years including Cummins , Cleveland Structural and Whessoe .
6 SIR Edward Heath will conduct a choir of MPs and Peers during Britain 's first Carolothon which takes place at Central Hall , Westminster , on Thursday next week .
7 The launch is going to take place at central police station
8 To achieve efficiency , pruning of low-scoring readings may take place at certain points without greatly affecting the accuracy of the system .
9 The work of the Dragon Project though , is beginning to show that there may be some basis for thinking that unusual behaviour of certain known energies could be taking place at certain sites ( New Scientist , 21 October , p 166 ) , and it is possible that our ancient ancestors could detect this ‘ Earth energy ’ .
10 And one of the prime moves for all age worship when it first started , was to say , you know , if Christian education is going to take place at other times , than on a Sunday , then what do we do together , for all ages , in worship .
11 Goddard and Slingo will launch the new outfit in Sunday 's important ‘ Salisbury Sizzler ’ meeting which takes place at Upper Woodford , near Salisbury .
12 Alan Bleakley tells of some very fruitful rituals including working with archetypal images which have taken place at various stone circles in Cornwall where individuals were considerably helped by being able to tune in to the spirit of the place .
13 Other races took place at various points .
14 Such dissolution related to hydrocarbon migration has been documented to take place within the deep subsurface , but other selective and non-selective dissolution can take place at various depths , depending more on the efficiency of pore fluid migration and pore fluid chemistry .
15 When the first 120 miles of the East India Railway were opened from Calcutta to Raniganj in 1855 , the ceremony took place at Burdwan station , a long classical structure 66 miles from Calcutta .
16 The Quality Audit of a centre will take place at regular intervals , probably around every five years ( unless either SCOTVEC or the centre triggers an earlier event . )
17 Searches for functional intersections thus take place at compatible levels ( see Figure 2.26 ) .
18 A ‘ TRAINING and Information ’ Day will take place at Ballybeen Activity Centre tomorrow ( Friday ) .
19 OUR Confirmation took place at Sacred Heart , Howden .
20 The battle is the first of a series of events to take place at Historic Scotland sites throughout Scotland , including historical playlets , concerts , walks and talks .
21 But these changes are not just taking place at regional level .
22 Deep injection takes place at typical depths of 150mm ( 6in ) and shallow injection at a typical depth of 50mm ( 2in ) .
23 Formal checks and reviews of student records take place at frequent intervals and , often , problems can be identified in time for remedial action and counselling .
24 Monitoring of lorries going through nearby villages takes place at frequent intervals and there are repeated calls for more potash to be transported by train .
25 Whilst a quiet revolution in terms of style has taken place at Allied , one thing has n't changed .
26 These usually take place at enjoyable social occasions and the organisation is not arduous .
27 LEVEL CROSSINGS — Many accidents take place at level crossings simply because people lose patience and do n't wait for the barriers to open .
28 Even though I have a degree in Bio-chemistry I still could n't get a place at medical school in Britain .
29 The planning of information production takes place at monthly meetings where priorities are determined according to the extent and nature of the impending changes and the date they will take place .
30 Despite a post-election resumption of fighting , a breakthrough in negotiations appeared imminent following the March round of the UN-sponsored peace talks between the government and the FMLN ( which had been taking place at monthly intervals over the past year ) .
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