Example sentences of "place [prep] [adj] " in BNC.

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1 So , above all , the picture is of an administrative reform taking place for new mental health services to be created .
2 Museum place for new bike
3 What features of the city plan make it a pleasant place for outdoor recreation ?
4 Munich , the metropolis at the heart of Europe , has always been a meeting place for international experts and decision-makers .
5 We used this artificial cave to provide a hiding place for bottom-living fish , like Kribs .
6 Also peasants joining the mutual aid teams feared that erm it would hinder their opportunities of working in other forms of erm er getting other forms of income and that says that only twelve point six percent of the total farming households in Penang , which was quite a progressive place for mutual aid erm teams , er erm were members of MATs in nineteen fifty two .
7 Now any occurrences of unc within CHAN unc ( other than their declaration ) are syntactically incorrect — for P' contains no PAR constructs and so there is no place for internal communications on these channels .
8 We do not want to transform the world once again into a place for religious fighting .
9 But where Kant then found a place for religious faith in the realm of practical reason , in ethics and morals , Schleiermacher held that this too was inadequate .
10 Aden was the right place for forward operating facilities , but its scorching barren rocks and unhealthy climate made it an unattractive place in which to station Army and RAF units of the Strategic Reserve .
11 She had loved him , she thought now , because , just at that time , she had had to have something else , someone else , to love , a private place for wounded love to go to .
12 The house was clearly meant to be a family home rather than a place for grand entertaining .
13 ‘ A system owned by the Area Organiser ( O ) — ( ie the Social Services officer responsible for the area , using the ownership hierarchy theory explained in Chapter 5 ) , operated by officers and staff of the EPH , other designated Social Services officers , associated staff of the District Health Authority , relatives and friends of clients ( A ) , which uses given resources to provide a congenial dwelling place for referred elderly people ( C ) , within which the individual needs for physical and emotional support are determined and met ( T ) .
14 The central planting ‘ bed ’ conceals the heaterstat , and provides a hiding place for shy fish .
15 The loch also seems to have been used as a dumping place for unwanted kitchen utensils .
16 If political struggle takes place for specific purposes and anticipated results , here Sartre seems to condemn it to an unending series of detours that will never arrive at their destination .
17 And in that separation , in that accommodation , there was no place for industrial democracy .
18 In that development there was to be found during the twenty years of his chairmanship no place for industrial democracy such as the admission of self-governing producers ' co-operatives would have admitted .
19 In two successive years , I have pointed out that , although we take serious action on giving access to Members of Parliament , we take little action on , and treat with scant seriousness , the question of access to this place for disabled people .
20 A small alcove offers the ideal place for extra shelving , and you can use the two side walls as supports .
21 Where he had been standing had been a turning point for cars once upon a time — when there were still cars in the world — but this had never been a place for modern things .
22 The very success of such people was an affront to Ceauşescu 's ‘ golden dream of communism ’ , which left no place for individual initiative .
23 At this central sanctuary there was no place for female officiants as the Temple 's affairs were regarded as the sole responsibility of an organized , hereditary male priesthood dedicated to the service of Yahweh .
24 It seems to me that the growth of women 's art and its imagery wrests a place for female utterance within the symbolic order , from which Lacanian theory on the whole excludes the female .
25 There is still an important place for traditional hymns , many of which have a timeless quality about them , even if some of their language raises problems .
26 Observing day after day , one saw that the library was also a place for pastoral support , a place for equal opportunities where each student was valued and encouraged .
27 It was not a place for reasoned argument and Alec Davidson did not press his point further .
28 ‘ The message , ’ says Robin Richardson of the race relations charity Runnymede Trust , ‘ seems to be there is no place for black ethnic minority people in the centuries-old history evoked by this picture — and , by implication , in the historic work ahead of us ’ .
29 Think how it feels to be a black child looking at books , advertisements , films , TV , and hardly ever seeing a similar face — the message that comes across is that there is no place for black people in our society .
30 Similarly one can find many informal schools where ‘ setting ’ takes place for certain activities ( eg mathematics and language ) .
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