Example sentences of "might [adv] [noun] " in BNC.

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1 A broad-beamed fellow like myself should have no difficulty careering it across the ironing board , although a woman or even a bachelor-wimp might sooner resort to an old-fashioned metal iron than attempt to put this monster through its paces .
2 Could we just go on to twenty one and we might just sort of stop this part of the lesson there .
3 What might further investigations yield ?
4 Those with money burning a hole in their pocket might also car to visit the casino .
5 Gardeners might also fork out £2,000 for a statue-alarm — now commonplace in gardens owned by the National Trust .
6 They might tomorrow night , I do n't know !
7 A parallel AS/400 might even surface one day , the company suggests .
8 You might even fracture your orbital plates — those are thin layers of bone above your eyes .
9 The movement that began with Greek sculpture rapidly added other new areas of study to the familiar territories of language and literature , issuing in a serious concern not simply with " the classics " , but with ancient civilization in all its aspects : aspects that might well centre on the " facts " of ancient life , its physical relics , its customs and institutions : all of which to be summed up in the German word Realien .
10 This is a case in which Paul 's maxim might well apply. : where the words are not ambiguous there is no call to raise questions of intention .
11 Their attempts as detailed in Easter Monday 's Guardian might well misfire .
12 Perhaps , who knows , the great Hoskins might yet grace King 's Magnum Parva with his presence .
13 Villages and towns might occasionally war with each other , but the fundamental basis of life was local .
14 When you ca n't do something you know , you might actually kind of , your whole body kind of starts to , and that would be the ego as it were trying to express this , this er drive from the id .
15 If I might secondly Mr Mayor address some of the concerns that have been expressed and no doubt , will doubt be expressed later on .
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