Example sentences of "'m to be " in BNC.

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1 I 'm to be governess to a little boy in Edinburgh , and you 're to take charge of an antique loony in Penzance .
2 ‘ I 'm to be on the committee of the Society for the Relief of Distressed Widows , ’ she told him one day .
3 I 'm to be like you .
4 And if you think I 'm to be taken in that easy , Miss Jennifer , then think again ! " and muttering to himself that it was as great a pity to see women weep as geese go barefoot , he took Ann by the arm and went back into his house .
5 ‘ I 'm to be slightly too clever , the hare to your tortoise , so that you can plod past me half-way round the course and make me look a fool . ’
6 My name is Howard DeVore and I 'm to be your host for the next eight hours . ’
7 ‘ Then I 'm to be a spectator , ’ she said .
8 I am going to be away Thurs–Sun this week ( Roland , my brother , is getting married and I 'm to be bridesmaid ) but perhaps you would n't mind giving me a ring sometime ?
9 Some boys if I 'm to be honest , but we have n't yet worked out the right way of gong about it .
10 Do I take it that I 'm to be redeemed from that particular fate ?
11 Many people have found its traditional keystrokes to be somewhat less than mnemonic , an opinion I tend to subscribe to , if I 'm to be honest .
12 If you need to see me you know where I 'm to be found .
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