Example sentences of "having only just " in BNC.

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1 Having only just made peace with his companion of fifteen years , Anjelica Huston , he was struck by the first kiss-and-tell in his entire life , and he was angry .
2 In spite of Fraser having only just got back , he was invited to accompany them , and just as naturally agreed .
3 To confirm his fears , when we had been driving out of Tangier docks late at night , having only just arrived on African soil , a group of men had tried to stop us .
4 Stevie Wonder wrote , sang and played arguably his finest albums , ‘ Talking Book ’ and ‘ Innervisions ’ , having only just broken the twenty threshold .
5 She phoned to say that , having only just returned from Chester , it would be around nine before she could get over with it , and would that be all right ?
6 Having only just mastered the art of walking ( let alone flying ! )
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