Example sentences of "over a long " in BNC.

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1 Other types of skin cancer are associated with continued exposure to the sun over a long period .
2 Thus you will already be aerobically fit , that is able to sustain a relatively low work-load over a long period .
3 Ethnographic research has special qualities suited to dealing with controversial topics in sensitive locations , for it entails a gradual and progressive contact with respondents , which is sustained over a long period , allowing a rapport to be established slowly with respondents over time , and for researchers to participate in the full range of experiences involved in the topic .
4 The best businesses over a long period of time have been the ones with a single thrust .
5 Iron fittings could replace wooden components gradually , allowing major alterations to take place over a long period .
6 Had this apparently contradictory programme been worked out over a long period , it might have seemed more logical .
7 Thus , over a long period of time , stone , glass and metals acquire a distinctive patina which the faker must try and imitate .
8 Also the junction between the uncorroded metal and the applied patina is very sharp , whereas a patina which has developed over a long period of time will have eaten into the metal in a very irregular and quite characteristic manner that is very difficult to imitate .
9 Scientific examination has shown that they are made of bronze similar to that used in genuine Italic figures from Italy and the patination appears to have developed over a long period , suggesting that they are not modern copies .
10 It was common practice for marriage registers to record the places of abode of the newly-weds , and what Kendall did was to use this information to construct a crude measure of dissimilarity between villages based on frequency of intermarriage over a long period .
11 As the ice slowly melts the plants are watered over a long period .
12 Your own , personalized weight control programme has not been a sudden thing but has evolved over a long period of time .
13 Within the orbit of the late Roman world , Christianity was primarily receptive ; it inherited a set of institutions ready-made , conformed to a social and political structure which had developed over a long period , and learned to live with a culture which it had little part in creating .
14 However , over a long period of time and association , horses and ponies can alter their thought patterns and learn to think more like each other , and to become more empathic .
15 But cases of die links between different places or over a long period of time are unusual .
16 As with any technique , direct mail has basic principles which must be obeyed if the programme is to communicate and raise money over a long period : * It must be regular ( a minimum of eight times a year ) * It must be personal , relevant and informal * It must be good quality * It must ask for and offer something * It must appeal to emotion first and reason second
17 There are few other industries in which , over a long period of time , revenues have covered less than half of costs .
18 However , at Cosmeston the archaeologist has the opportunity to excavate a large portion of the settlement over a long period of time and to use the results to shed light on sites where the excavators have not been so fortunate .
19 There was considerable vaginal dilation ; in my view , only consistent with full penetration over a long period .
20 Although Kraemer and Roberts ( 1984 ) were able to demonstrate an apparent loss of latent inhibition over a long retention interval using chocolate milk as the CS , no effect was apparent when saccharin was used .
21 It had to take place over a long period , in the face of a prodigious number of uncontrolled variables which were likely to confuse the outcome .
22 The incubation period may be up to one year , and this makes it difficult in many cases to decide from whom the warts have been caught ; not only that , but they often seem to have been seeded on the principle adhered to by market gardeners , to give successive crops over a long period .
23 In the short term , nitrogenous fertilizers , by increasing grasses and clovers , can result in an increase in the earthworm population , but continuous use of superphosphate or Nitro-chalk over a long period has been shown , in trials at Rothamstead , to reduce numbers in proportion to the amount of nitrogen applied .
24 The accumulation of data over a long period of time is a situation that lends itself well to the use of a microcomputer .
25 The only way that we could definitely ascertain the extent of the increase in recorded crime which is due to changes in reporting and/or recording practices would be if there were available victimization data over a long period .
26 It was the result of a carefully planned experiment based on numerous other experiments performed over a long period .
27 The main difference , though , was that while Pompeii was obliterated by the steady accumulation of ashes over a long period , perhaps as much as two days , Herculaneum was overwhelmed in a matter of minutes , possibly well after the eruption proper had ceased .
28 The stimulating article Some library costs and options by Brown ( an economist ) concludes ‘ it seems to be worth acquiring and providing storage for , books likely to be wanted more often than , once in about 1.7 years over a long period ’ .
29 Christmas puddings , jars of mincemeat , bunches of holly , fruit , nuts , table-mats , serviette-rings and dozens of other useful little articles they had made carefully and patiently were spread over a long trestle table in the hall .
30 These fish are especially prone to ‘ conditioning ’ ; you can switch their minds onto a certain item of food and if you keep that food trickling through their swims over a long period they will continue feeding , with only short breaks , until that food runs out or some other disaster happens to move them .
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