Example sentences of "'ve [verb] to " in BNC.

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1 How do you find the actual , what do you f do you think of the actual flat itself , leaving out the problems that outside that you 've , in terms of crime you 've referred to , what do you think of the actual flat itself ?
2 Yeah , and I do n't now but i I mean I 'm certainly in two I 've been since there 's people who 've referred to the fact that they do n't have those members of staff working for them at the optimum days ,
3 There 's nothing Jack loathes more than reading some publication in which I 've referred to him as a saint and I 'm sure Reggie feels the same way .
4 Er in the alternative of course er the local communities have available er the High Court action which I 've referred to during several discussions with yourselves over the last week or two .
5 Yeah , Could I also just quickly comment on the differences between columns H and I that you 've referred to .
6 This is not directly related to the three hundred thousand that we 've referred to , but obviously in part too .
7 The key area in terms of waiting , I 've referred to later in the report , perhaps we can move on to that .
8 And finally Chairman , budget proposals which we 've referred to in paragraph fourteen and fifteen are that in recognizing there 's a potential estimated shortfall of some seven hundred and fifty thousand , that five hundred thousand pounds be put towards that .
9 Looking to , I 've referred to the possible changes and the recommendations really say that , at present there 's insufficient information and it 's against a background of very dramatic future changes in fire safety .
10 Er the work that I 've referred to earlier in terms of the through traffic , was assessed before the southern bypass was open er and so we did put in place er a traffic automatic traffic counters on a number of key routes er to see whether on opening of the southern bypass , the actual effects er where the same as we were modelling cos clearly we were concerned that we did n't want to be er basing our assessments of of of of further relief roads on a false premise .
11 The submission that Selby make on the basis of constraints , of which I 've referred to earlier ,
12 Er that that I really said it it 's got a history on to an ending with the bit I 've referred to .
13 It is something that the government needs to look at and indeed it goes hand in hand er with the need to overall the whole regulatory system er which is something that I 've referred to often enough before er and I have no hesitation in repeating it again .
14 All business is taken , so that particular , those particular items that you 've referred to I am already seeking to schedule that business for tomorrow , but I do n't want to preempt the situation and chance my arm any further than what it is , because I could end up falling on my face and I want to try and avoid that .
15 I 've referred to that once .
16 Well you did it actually a bit more than that — you 've referred to it about two or three times , but that 's immaterial .
17 ‘ It 's all right Katie , I 've explained to your Dad . ’
18 When you 've got your bandage in your pack , I 've explained to you before , you open it up in the first aid kit it 's sterile , yeah , you open it up by the
19 ‘ I 've explained to you — ’
20 She says to me I 've explained to her how to do it and she says yo I 'll give you a bit of paper you just write down the answers !
21 the wolves , they 've ripped to shreds
22 One is to get somebody to call your number , and check it rings at the number you 've diverted to , and the other is to call the switchboard and ask them , because on the switchboard , when they dial your number , up will come the number that it 's been diverted to .
23 As a works convenor , I work along twenty shop stewards , and I can tell this Congress that the message that they 've given to me from the people from the people that have elected them , is that they 're sick and tired of the perpetual bleating of the T U C about how they have to abide by the laws , when the only laws that are there are the laws that are bringing this movement down .
24 Well thanks President for that welcome and thank you colleagues , Congress , for the welcome that you 've given to me .
25 Okay , Carol , thank you for the time you 've given to us to see it .
26 I 've been generous in the latitude I 've given to speakers in talking to this proposal , but it is quite specific about the the review of er responsibilities
27 You see something like a doctors appointment or a hospital appointment I think deserves and attendance because they 're given er a dental card or yo you 're shown it , you know , they 've given to you
28 The message I 've given to London is that volunteers are in very good heart and it does n't stop there .
29 Er Rosie the the press release number six that I 've given to Sandra , will you tell her to hold it please and not to send it out tomorrow .
30 What we do need is the equivalent of what we 've got in the documents which I 've given to you which is some sort of allowance for every bit of control of the thing .
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