Example sentences of "'ve just [verb] " in BNC.

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1 ‘ You 've just missed my husband .
2 ‘ I 've just missed the last bus .
3 I 've just missed hearing my name taken in vain .
4 ‘ You 've just missed him , ’ said Vernon .
5 So I was laid out in the back of the van on the bed and he 's driving down this field to put the tent , because it had little er bits you know where it 's marked out for you to camp , and I 'm driving around in the back saying , yes you 've , you 've just missed the fence there and you know .
6 ‘ You 've just missed her , ’ she said quietly .
7 Yer 've just missed her . ’
8 Well i is it simply an application that the jury be directed to take no notice of the answer you 've just missed me , because it 's not admissible evidence .
9 Charles was all welcoming smiles , ‘ You 've just missed a board meeting , old man .
10 You 've just missed Elaine and er
11 I 've just missed Red Dwarf !
12 You 've just missed the bus .
13 He recalls that in 1981 , when he ‘ crossed over ’ to become the first , and so far only , sports writer ever to win the ‘ Journalist of the Year ’ Award , Colin Hart , a sports columnist with the Sun , approached him and said ‘ Congratulations Hughie , you 've just struck a blow for the Toy Department ! ’
14 And for some veteran or novice rower , they 'll be able to go home and say they 've just rowed with an Olympic gold medallist .
15 It 's about this research proposal you 've just turned down — what do you mean , ‘ It 's not proper health services research ? ’
16 They 've just turned to the zone game after generations of the sweeper system .
17 You 've just turned it over .
18 I 've got the heating on , the water on , I 've just turned the fire up
19 If you 've just moved to a new area a good way to break the ice for you and your child is a parent and toddler group .
20 ‘ I do n't know whether a place as small as this keeps registered poisons but I 've just moved labs … ’
21 The new office , which we 've just moved into , is a rather different kettle of fish .
22 I 've just moved into one of the new housing complexes .
23 I 've just moved into a cottage on the edge of Warminster . ’
24 In fact in fact , we 've just moved in today into this place .
25 They 've just moved in recently .
26 You 've just moved .
27 I 've just moved it all away
28 I 've just moved into a new flat , I do n't have a telephone .
29 Which it is n't the easiest thing , when you 've just moved into a place , is it ?
30 What I 'm , what I 'm trying to do is , is just er highlight er paths where they are , and , and , and drawing people 's attention to er to , to rights of way in the county , er obviously a lot of people probably would n't be , maybe people that 've just moved into the area , that sort of thing , people like myself who were n't too familiar with Oxfordshire before , er those sort of people probably would n't be aware without a book like this that there were a lot of paths on their doorstep , and some very pleasant countryside as well .
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