Example sentences of "'ve been [adv prt] " in BNC.

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1 Well I , I 've been on to world wom women 's committee and they assure me that they , the hospital says these tests should come through in a week , at the most three week 's , but you can phone them , so that certainly has improved , there does n't seem to be a back log .
2 I 've been on at my husband to get a fitted carpet in this room because this lino drives me mad .
3 Witnesses er who 've who 've been on to us have described seeing five people dead , and at least three wounded who were being rushed to hospital .
4 They 've been on to us .
5 Well we 've been on to and they do n't seem to do an awful lot .
6 Oh these courses mainly I 've been on is being opening the Guild you know , how to open a Guild , how to open you know , a Guild erm and er I 've been on consumer courses erm such as like that paper they just sent this week on what 's on , I mean that is nothing new they 've sent out in today 's Co-op news you know that our own label and all the nutr because the nutriment , I can remember er being at Stanford Hall on , on a consumer course for a week and you see I was on the er when I was know , know longer an employee , I was on member relations you see , representing the Guild and you 'd go through there sometimes and that would probably be a consumer task .
7 they 've been on .
8 Yeah , well I 've b t to tell you honest truth , I 've been on th I 've been down that road .
9 I 've been on to the P.L.A .
10 Because I had a number of people who 've been on to me talking about the mess on the , on the recreation ground , and asking what it 's for , and as soon as you explain why , you know , it 's been accepted .
11 At a recent training course that I 've been on apparently public services could have been protected since nineteen eighty one .
12 There is one other point I 'd just like because yo you 've been on about Labour controlled Councils .
13 I said three flights that I 've been on in the last fortnight .
14 I 've been on to this morning , asked me to and they have got thirty palettes there at the moment .
15 Er oh I 've been on .
16 And erm she had she works for a erm videos set up conferences you know the sort of things that you 've been on .
17 I mean I 've been doing that for ever since we 've been on .
18 I 've been on to Di this long time and have one like that , then you can and put down so you can have more room , you know , when you put it out .
19 Which ones you 've been on ?
20 I 've been on once once or twice but no
21 Cos they 've been on about people
22 ‘ And if you do n't get out of here I 'll tell him you 've been up in the woods with a dog .
23 But I 've been up all night .
24 Wait until he knows what else you 've been up to ! ’
25 ‘ So you 've been up the barrow , ’ Jos said out of the blue , as he lined up on the final double .
26 I 've been up all night , thinking .
27 ( Lazing 's highly recommended if you 've been up for the 8.30am aerobics .
28 Wait until I 've been up and seen your Grandma Coates . ’
29 Boy used to think , I suppose we both work nights , really , it 's no wonder we 're as tired as each other , we 've been up working all night .
30 ‘ I 've been up for the past three hours , ’ he said , looking me up and down rather coldly .
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