Example sentences of "'ve be [verb] " in BNC.

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1 We 've been thrashed mercilessly recently by Iron Maiden .
2 In other words , we 've been funding from within our own budget new developments that 'll come on stream next year and it 's a very complicated budget and it contains some quite erm controversial erm subjects , which no doubt we 'll go through in a minute , but overall erm , given the total financial situation , I 'm a relieved man today .
3 After they 've been killed ?
4 ‘ I 've been writing songs about prison ever since I started writing songs .
5 ‘ Let's see what you 've been writing , then , dad . ’
6 We 've been writing to each other for eight years but had never met until this year .
7 ‘ I have a Korg M1R and a Korg Wave Station , and that 's what I 've been writing with .
8 I 've been writing a book .
9 Although I 've been writing about the latest machines this month , I shall be including the older models in later articles .
10 Right from the beginning of my career as a journalist I 've been writing about gender issues from the male point of view .
11 I 'm defiantly proud to point out that I did thirteen drafts of Wanda and that I 've been writing comedy professionally since ‘ 63 , so by the time I was writing Wanda it was 24 years .
12 Since I was eighteen I 've been writing , ten years already , and so what ?
13 ‘ I 've been writing a book . ’
14 I 've been writing cheques to Rob Thomas .
15 All these months while I 've been writing these letters for her , I 've been putting myself in her place , feeling all the love she feels , remembering things that I never really knew about in the first place .
16 I know they 've been writing them .
17 ‘ I 've been writing short stories and poems for years but last year I decided to try and get something published .
18 My social history is very different from Trevelyan 's , one of the most remarkable books on English social history , because of course I come from a very different background , I 've different experience from Trevelyan , but also I 've been writing at a different time .
19 I 've been ask all their sexual attitudes
20 Carlie and Harvey feel bitter and resentful about the way they 've been treated .
21 ‘ You 've been treated very badly , my dear Mrs Morey , but I hope you will remember that you have a true friend here in Chertsey , should you ever need one .
22 ‘ I 've been treated like a pin-cushion , but it seems to be working so far , ’ he said .
23 what if you 've been treated unfairly ?
24 Because here I 've been treated kindly .
25 We 're acting like that because of the way we 've been treated in the past throughout the school .
26 They will also completely cover up imperfections , have good sound and heat insulation properties and , if they 've been treated with protective spray , will last for years and years — long after paint has become chipped and discoloured , and paper faded .
27 You 're soft on those who 've been treated badly by life — and if you 're not very careful it might well be you . ’
28 But erm , that 's the idea , you see , that these kids , er well , you know , they may be delinquent , and do lots of nasty things , but it 's only the way they 've been treated by society .
29 In a sense responding to our questions , naturally , depending on how they 've been treated by their employer can we have your comments about the sort of legal framework you think the pension fund should be in and then Jeremy will take over .
30 he feels they 've been treated in a shabby way .
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