Example sentences of "they [modal v] [noun] " in BNC.

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1 Occasional reports suggest that a single ailing individual can precipitate a mass stranding : whales are often reluctant to leave their comrades particularly if the sick animal is the leader of the group , and they may strand themselves rather than depart .
2 If they are arthritic , their sight is poor , or they are subject to dizzy spells they may trip over the flex .
3 They may co-habit in the landscape but their ecological niches make very different physical demands and their shapes have evolved accordingly : they are the barn owl , the herring gull and the mallard duck .
4 They , they may sort of be very submissive , B types , and therefore they can be stressed in a different way .
5 Now in , in the early stages you certainly want to encourage as many people from this base to join , when the development , the movement gathers pace it 's possible to say right we possibly w there 's some , sort of the wealthy peasants we do n't really want , they 're the ones who prospered under the old scheme of things , they were the ones who had some power and influence and er by even drawing them into the association there is a danger that they may sort of assume the lead or take an active role which would be detrimental , which would negate the movement and try and make it er less revolutionary and more lawful , they would go back to sort of reform of the old system rather than the overthrowal
6 They may stage something to coincide with the trial of last October 's terrorists .
7 A mother otter will bring a half-dead fish and give it to her young to play with in a pool so that they may practice the dives and swoops that are needed to be a successful underwater hunter .
8 Walsh , lecturing the others on how they must junk ‘ traditional left-wing fund-raising methods ’ , had the most important job of the moment as fund-raising co-ordinator .
9 They must carbon-date it and put it under the microscope , and we must examine Aziz carefully and get him to say where he found it .
10 On theoretical grounds , they must needs stake a venture to gain a maximum prize ; so they risk a battle for the harem .
11 They must needs add insult to injury . ’
12 Not but what ‘ t is trouble enough that they must needs be gone , leaving us with this madman on the other side of the moat .
13 By one means , therefore , or by other , either by hook or crook , they must needs depart away , poor , silly , wretched souls , men , women , husbands , wives , fatherless children , widows , woeful mothers with their young babes , and their whole household small in substance and much in number , as husbandry requireth many hands .
14 They must hiv been .
15 To resolve the dilemma they must piece together the sort of documentary and pictorial evidence that is usually plentifully available for the nineteenth century .
16 They should fruit in May .
17 After Power Behind the Throne , the powers-that-be in Middenheim might well send the adventurers off to Castle Drachenfels in an attempt to get them out of the way — if they should chance to die in the Castle , their embarrassing knowledge will die with them .
18 If they should chance to be black , brown or yellow , of any cultural tradition save that of the West and dominated by any other ideological system except that of the student 's own parents they will seldom if ever protest , no matter how flagrant the injustice , how onerous the oppression , how unprincipled the exploitation and how ever much they offend against the protesters ' vociferously expressed and allegedly ‘ sincere ’ ideals .
19 The outcome of the exercise in the White Paper , I think , had three main parts : one was a new think-tank , the Central Policy Review Staff , which presumably reflected some of the stuff you 'd seen in the United States at Rand and so on ; the other was a new system of , I suppose you would call it , zero-based budgeting , where you would look at longstanding government commitments and see if they should stagger on — that was Programme Analysis and Review ; and , to reduce the weight on Cabinet , there were to be big conglomerate departments , which led to the Department of Trade and Industry and the Department of the Environment .
20 I mean it 's all right to say if you 're nice to them they 'll be nice to you erm it should come the other way round , that they should sort of respect other people 's property .
21 All the land to build those homes on , they was given the land for that re recreation ground , and I believe they should hand that back to the parish and the people .
22 We must sit back and say how awful everything is , blame the Government and say that they should hand out more money to the regions to assist them .
23 It was an opportunity , which they should value , and should certainly help them in their career choices . ’
24 Well they should Angela should be doing that lot should n't she .
25 It also has to figure out how to take it to market , yet officials still claim no decision 's been reached on whether they 'll OEM it at all .
26 In years to come now they 'll life it out and say oh look at it .
27 Silicon Graphics Inc 's new high-end multi-processing servers and workstations based upon its Mips Technologies Inc subsidiary 's R4400 RISC ( UX Nos 407 , 409 ) , are expected on January 26th : Electronic News hears they 'll debut as the Axys line .
28 Cos these lads now that have gone back , and they were scabs then and they 'll scabs they will be all their lives now .
29 They 'll jet with KLM Royal Dutch Airlines on their brand new flight from Heathrow to San Francisco , via Amsterdam , and stay for six nights at the Tuscan Inn , on the world-famous Fisherman 's Wharf , where they 'll enjoy FREE use of a Tropical USA Rent-A-Car .
30 see a vehicle that you you recognize is not off the patch , they 'll they 'll radio it through to the base , to our base .
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